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Star ArmyŽ Space Roleplay

Star ArmyŽ is a free online community dedicated to collaborative story writing and military simulation through a mix of play-by-post and chat-based science fiction roleplaying games.

In a world where entertainment is commercialized, Star Army challenges the idea that players need to buy a product or pay money to get a great experience. For the last ten years, Star Army has fought to show that forum play-by-post roleplay can deliver the same excitement and depth as tabletop in an accessible format that brings together players from across the globe.

Star ArmyŽ features an original scifi setting created by its members and characterized by powerful starships, power armor, cyborgs, aliens, and androids. Learn more

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Looking for Wargaming?

5150: Star Army* is a military sci-fi wargame that shares our name (but is unrelated). It revolves around infantry squad combat, using miniatures. You can get it from the fine fellows over at Two Hour Wargames.

* 5150 is a trademark of Two Hour Wargames. The Star ArmyŽ trademark is used by Two Hour Wargames with permission.