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Gabriel's Random Civilization Generator (Beta)

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The civilization is agriculturally based with a superior level of agricultural innovation. The government is a military dictatorship and the society operates with no social classes. It uses a barter systems in its socialist economic form. Its main exports are miscellaneous goods and fabrics while its major imports are cash crops and furniture. There is a high level of architectural innovation, a superior education system, and a dismal system of health care.

The legal system is informal mediation by village intellectuals. Slavery is illegal and relatively nonexistent, and slaves are mostly exported. The main religion is polytheistic with multiple equal deities representing society, and traditions include alms giving and self-harm. The literacy rate is 60%. The language spoken is similar to Abwehran. Additional languages are also unknown.

There are 2 large cities, 6 small villages, and 11 very small hamlets. The total population is over 5 million with 40% of citizens in the cities, 35% in small villages, and the remainder in the hamlets. The civilization is in a time of peace, being a colony. The military technology level is nearly nonexistent, and roughly 20% of the population serve in the armed forces. Military technology is poor. This civilization is welcoming in international relations and foreign policy.

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Special thanks to Seventh Sanctum for the code used to build this generator.