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Star Army of Yamatai Type 30
Field Ration Generator

This tool will randomly generate Type 30 Field Rations.

Rations to open:


Inside this Type 30 ration you find orange chicken and fried rice. The side packet contains diced pineapples and the accessory packet has 2 bags of English tea and miso-damari (very dark) shoyu sauce along with the other usual items.

Here are the "usual items" that come with every Type 30 field ration:
  • Plastic Spork
  • Salt Packet
  • Sugar Packet
  • Napkin, Paper
  • Napkin, Wet
  • Mint Candies (2)
  • Powdered Miso Soup
  • Cheese cubes
  • Waterproof Matches

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Special thanks to Seventh Sanctum for the code used to build this generator.