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Jiyuu Salvage Recommendation Thread

Discussion in 'Setting Discussion' started by Toshiro, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Toshiro

    Toshiro Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2006
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    Alright. I want to make an item list for salvaging at Jiyuu and would like to get the community involved. A few people thinking of a few items here and there is a big help filling in the lists, while also helping think up things I might not (especially with the other stuff I'm working on). It's also a test run of the idea because many FMs seem daunted by the idea of maintaining/revising salvage lists themselves, and that this method would really help them out if successful. That and since I am a person who might have a character who ICly benefits from recovering some of the items on this list, it might be bad if I write it by myself. >.>

    I'd appreciate any input or recommendations you all may have. Item and damage descriptions if present should be reasonably brief, but complete enough to work with. Some wiggle room for storytelling and interpretation is best especially for the large items. Some items will be irradiated, but that can be handled by a duplicated list that just has "(Irradiated)" after each entry. You needn't worry about that quantifier unless you have a specific idea in mind or the irradiation is a prerequisite for the item existing. In this specific case, I would like to avoid descriptions of hostile attackers or the like. Such things would be detected by scans ahead of time and other proper safety precautions, while also being unlikely in this specific case. Civilian and Military items are likely to be split apart for proper administration and probability tinkering.

    The idea is that people cleaning up there would either be doing so in exchange for pay, a place to live at the end of the process, or to collect the items they dig up. All items would be documented in a thread for IC reference. Due to radiation risk, people would be using PA, Mecha, or remote control systems and also do typical decontamination protocols.

    Irradiated items, corpses, and clearly personal items of the dead would be turned in no matter what. All items would be turned in if the person was being paid or working in exchange for a home in the finished city. Items which were illegal to possess wouldn't be retained either.

    I'll start with some essentials:

    Male Jiyuuian Civilian Corpse
    Female Jiyuuian Civilian Corpse
    Child Jiyuuian Civilian Corpse
    Peacekeeper Corpse
    Blackcoat Corpse
    Mishhuvurthyar Corpse
    Wallet (with identification)
    Purse (with identification, contents up to GM)
    Stuffed Animal
    Chunk of construction material
    Heavy wall safe (contents up to GM)
    Civilian Car
    Civilian Van
    Intact Basement (contents up to GM)
    HS Card (worthless)
    Peacekeeper Uniform
    Peacekeeper Jacket
    Peacekeeper Flashlight
    Tenshi no Yoru "Tenshi" Light Mechanized Power Armor (Fully armed)
    Tenshi PA Head
    Tenshi PA Limb
    Tenshi PA Torso
    Tenshi PA Weapon (Ask GM which)
    UOCPF Light Utility Truck (Type 30 LUT)
    UOCPF Surface Terrain Vehicle (Type 30G STV)
    Mugen Armories E1 Energy Pistol
    Novacorp Xaser Pistol
    UOCPF Standard Issue Kit
    Peacekeeper Pocket Medikit
    Peacekeeper Field First Aid Kit
    Peacekeeper Survival kit
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  2. ArsenicJohn

    ArsenicJohn Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2018
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    @Kim would probably be a big help here. I will look through old UOC stuff and see if there's anything to add..
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  3. ArsenicJohn

    ArsenicJohn Well-Known Member

    Jan 12, 2018
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    Peacekeeper Personal Communicator
    Printed Peacekeeper Charter
    BR-E1a battery magazine
    Black leather leg drop holster
    UNSAFE unit
    Shuriken Class Fighter Drone Engine
    Shuriken Class Fighter Drone Hull
    Fully Intact Shuriken Class Fighter Drone
    Mantus Infantry Power Armor (Fully armed)
    Mantus PA Head
    Mantus PA Limb
    Mantus PA Torso
    Mantus PA Weapon (Ask GM which)
    Blackcoat Shroud Suit

    Feel free to remove anything that doesn't fit
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  4. Kim

    Kim スター軍の司書

    Feb 19, 2003
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    There should be a good mix of household goods- Yamataian plates; silverware; chopsticks; kabuto; decorative swords; kimono; obi; tables; chairs; beds; blankets, etc. You can throw cars; bicycles; airbikes; boats; etc as well. Here's a more parted out list of Peacekeeper equipment.
    • Starchaser II Class Civilian Ferry Part - My-Y1-E3001- Lollipop computer suite
    • Starchaser II Class Civilian Ferry Part - My-Y1-V3001 - Water Recycling system
    • Starchaser II Class Civilian Ferry Part - Slot machine
    • Starchaser II Class Civilian Ferry Part - Escape Pod empty
    • Starchaser II Class Civilian Ferry Part - Escape Pod (person)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (t-shirt)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (postcards)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (holocards)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (hats)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (magnets)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (stuffed animals)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (shot glasses)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (spoons)
    • Yugumo Cluster tourism collectibles (bells)
    • UOC Peacekeeper rank pin - E1-O-10 (GM Roll 1D20)
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