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Discussion in 'Introductions & New Players' started by Noodlewerfer, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Noodlewerfer

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    Jun 22, 2017
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    What do you call yourself?


    How'd you find Star Army?

    I found Star Army by hearing about it in Discord.

    What interested you in joining?

    I'd like to try RPing in a forum like Star Army, I already have one or two characters that could fit in.

    Ever done this text-based roleplaying thing before?

    Yes, I've roleplayed on Discord, Roblox, and a while ago, Warrior Cats RPG.

    Any previous experiences you want to share?

    I've RPed on the ESS Vanguard RP on Discord.

    Now for the questionnaire!

    Do you prefer:
    • Playing male, female, or other-gendered characters?
      I'll play any gender of character.
    • Spontaneous or planned RP?
    • Military or civilian characters?
      Depends on your definition of military, if you mean characters that can fight then both, if you mean characters that are in a military then probably civilian but I could RP military characters too.
    • Humans, androids, anthros, or aliens?
      I'd have to say androids and AI, but two of my main RP characters on Discord are a species that looks like a human that drinks blood, has fangs, butterfly wings, butterfly antennae, and a tail, so I guess that would classify as an alien...?
    • Being on a starship or being on a planet?
    • Roleplay via forum posts or in real-time?
    On a scale of 1 to 3, what's your preferred level of these in your RP:
    • Language: 2
    • Violence: 4 ;)
    • Sexuality:1
    What's something cool you'd love to RP?

    I'd love to RP a few good plot twists, I've already RPed a couple on the Vanguard server.
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    Mar 21, 2007
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    Welcome, Noodle! Glad you could find us. If you ever need any help, just ask any of us! We are one big family. I know we talked a little in the chatroom about your first character, and I hope that our suggestions have helped you. Good luck and enjoy your stay!
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