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READ ME Welcome To Star Army!

Discussion in 'Introductions & New Players' started by Wes, Nov 8, 2013.

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    Hello, and welcome to Star Army!

    Here's some key starting places for getting into the roleplay:
    1. The New Players Guide tells you about:
    1. The Star Army setting
    2. How Roleplaying works on Star Army
    3. Registering accounts for the forums and wiki
    4. Information on creating characters
    5. Where to get assistance
    6. Roleplaying jargon you might hear, like "OOC"
    2. Post an introduction topic in this forum! Feel free to:
    1. Tell us about yourself and your tastes for RP
    2. Ask any questions at all about the Star Army setting. We're happy to answer you!
    3. The Character Creation Guide has information on making a character that perfectly fits the setting. Note that you don't have to create a character article to roleplay in the Open Roleplay forum.

    4. Talk with people in the Discord chat!

    5. Start roleplaying!
    Don't be afraid of making mistakes; it's how we learn best. Star Army is old, and it's big, but it's also still very accessible and welcoming to new members, so try not to let the site's age or the huge wiki intimidate you. If you're making an effort you'll make new friends very fast around here.

    More resources:
    Other Stuff:
    • The style picker link is in the lower left of the forum.
      • If you're on a mobile browser, change the style to Star Army White for the best fit and ease of reading.

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  2. Wes

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    Here's some general tips:
    • Watch forums and threads with email to get a notification when someone replies to your RP thread.
    • You might want to watch character or plot articles too so see when new edits are made.
    • Follow other users. This is great for seeing if people in your plots are online.
    • Put links to your characters in your signature so people you RP with can find them easily.
    • Greet and help newer members so they know they're welcome and appreciated.
    • There are some hidden forums for adults only. To get access, start a conversation with @Wes.
    Raising Your Postcount:
    • Post an introduction in this forum.
    • Post about games you're into in the gaming forum. You might find someone to game with!
    • Play forum games.
    • Ask questions about the setting in RP/Setting Discussion & Questions.
    • Reasonable thread necromancy is permitted, as long as your reply adds useful content to the thread.
    • Open Roleplaying doesn't require advance approval of characters. It's the "no red tape" RP forum.
    • If you don't find the RP flavor/plot you want, think about making a thread. Start by posting an interest check in the OOC forum.
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