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Recent content by Ametheliana

  1. Ametheliana

    New Submission [Nepleslia] Carnivore Cruiser

    The artist formerly known as Prince the De Luca Class Cruiser.
  2. Ametheliana

    Waiting on Submitter Metallica Corpus (wip)

    @Legix might enjoy working with you on this to fit the setting a bit more.
  3. Ametheliana

    Waiting on Submitter [Aggressor Refit] [Nepleslia] Aggressor "Invader" Upgrade Package

    I only asked because OP says, "The old wiki page for the old version of the Aggressor will be modified..." The sort of changes you went on to talk about in the old article that will be updated need to pass NTSE since one issue Legix saw was stated to happen to it: " leave room for surplus...
  4. Ametheliana

    Approved Submission Emergency Service (update)

    Please add it, it is necessary :) The quote below is found here: "OOC Notes sections at the bottom of articles are going to be mandatory from now on. They need to include: Art credits Who wrote the article When the...
  5. Ametheliana

    Approved Submission Emergency Service (update)

    What happened to the OOC section? We need that.
  6. Ametheliana

    Approved Character Motoyoshi Kazue

    I was in a plot that dealt with that, oh :/ my memory... it's going guys approved
  7. Ametheliana

    Approved Submission Ainu Orchards

    Approved, love it. I want to be a hand there, tbh. I have experience caretaking an apple orchard, but I WILL kill the orchids, consider me.
  8. Ametheliana

    Waiting on Submitter [Aggressor Refit] [Nepleslia] Aggressor "Invader" Upgrade Package

    Can you please submit the old version for the Aggressor that you mentioned in OP in a separate submission when it is made? Thank you.
  9. Ametheliana

    Approved Character Motoyoshi Kazue

    Thank you for doing so much for this character! Can you show me where Hanako's World was attacked in YE 40? That was YE 41 if I recall. Please change those dates if it was not 40. "While she doesn't strictly follow the ways of Sensou and her career is mainly focused on a supportive role." Just...
  10. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 19: Ochiba

    YSS Kaiyō II Power Armor Bay Hoshi followed the armor once it was moving, happy to be mobile once more herself after waiting for Indira's vacant stare to amount to something. Though it didn't move very fast, truth be told. She was relieved to see it placed, but not as much so as the Iromakuanhe...
  11. Ametheliana

    Senate: Misc Senate Application Thread

    Player Name: Ametheliana Star System requested: Xiuluria (not a system, a province on Yamatai) Star System's population: - Is this a current Star System in the YSE? Yes, suzerainty Do you roleplay in Yamatai? YSS Kaiyō - I GM this plot Why did you choose this system? I like roleplaying here and...
  12. Ametheliana

    Approved Character Egwene Tai

    We usually like to have full rights to art when we use it on the wiki, actually we always do as a rule. Meaning you got approval from the artist to use it, you bought it, or they gifted it to you in some way :] Thank you for linking it!!
  13. Ametheliana

    Approved Character Egwene Tai

    Does this character have a wiki page yet, it seems like they do based on @RaWolfe's post. For possible ease of access later down the road, can it be linked in this thread? Awesome job on this, guys, very cool and thorough character!
  14. Ametheliana

    Approved Submission Ke-M91 SAR Conversion Update

    Up to you if you want it approved without nomenclature or not. Its approval expired so it is approved as long as you're happy with that.