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    RP [YSS Koun] Mission One: The Haunting Past

    Haruka was flying through the systems of the Koun, attending to her tasks and staying vigilant for anything that might be out of place. As she spun and wound through cyberspace like a dove, out of nowhere a pulsating red tree crackled into existence. Like a lightning bolt, it branched out of...
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    Approved Submission Rikugun Kamirakurai

    Will make the relevant changes
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    SAoY MOS Expansion Discussion

    The original Ranger article didn't clearly define operational areas which is one of the reasons I split it out. I've been very specific in the new MOS articles about which operates where, so that shouldn't be a problem. There shouldn't be the situation of having fish-out-of-water characters...
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    Approved Submission Rikugun Rangers

    It just doesn't fit with the new SASO scheme, which uses standardised flower patches. If I can't find someone willing to make new art we can use the old ones
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    SAoY MOS Expansion Discussion

    As long as there's some movement before December I'm happy. If this is still unresolved into the Christmas period it'll stay in deadlock until well into the new year, which nobody wants.
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    RP [YSS Koun] Mission One: The Haunting Past

    It seemed that whatever the issue was, it was something outside of the control of the ship's systems. Haruka pulled herself back together, pretty much literally, Haruka's various sprites blinked out of existence after giving a wink and a wave. She materialised on the Bridge, one hand on the back...
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    RP: YSS Resurgence Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 6: Machine Moon

    Mochi looked up from the Science Pad that he was oggling. The readings were truly amazing and he had difficulty tearing his emerald eyes from the scrolling numbers and vibrant graphs. The blonde Elysian thought on Sanda's plan from a strategic standpoint - nowadays it was best he leave the rest...
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    Interest Check The Joint Operation “Dojo”

    Fort Hikari is the Yamataian version of this and is where the officer exchange programme is headquartered, however it's in the Virgo Defence Sector which is restricted for anyone not historically SAOY-aligned. It'd certainly be interesting to see this established in an unclaimed system, however...
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    SAoY MOS Expansion Discussion

    I think there's more similarities between medics and pharmacists than there is between Insurgents and Fleet Scouts for example, even just in the sense that Insurgents and Fleet Scouts will never be on the same posting whereas medics and pharmacists may both be on the same posting treating the...
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    What is the most horrible/Nightmareish place any Star Army Personnel could be assigned to?

    Any Fourth Fleet posting, probably. Sat alone on an out-of-lifespan ship in the middle of a sleepy border system. Quite a lot like serving on a submarine IRL. Also, maybe being Kamirakurai. Given you're essentially a berserker who is gonna die over and over again as part of the whole shock...
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    Approved Submission Homing/Returning Knife

    I'm not sure why SAINT in particular would be involved, but it certainly does raise an interesting point. Like, those materials are similar in properties to the Yamataian equivalents, but they aren't the same or produced by the same process. Yamatai could impose some protectionist trade policies...
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    We should have a totally-not-Guy-Fawkes-Night plot+holiday

    As a Brit I approve. Hanging, drawing and quartering optional, lol
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    SAoY MOS Expansion Discussion

    Having some movement would be nice before we end up at the Christmas period and nobody has any time at all. But this topic really isn't of much import beyond setting the standard for whether we have more Pharmacist style MOS' or move to certifications. My main concern with moving lots of things...
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    Approved Submission Homing/Returning Knife

    I forgot about this but it was my understanding that the Kuvexian market is an open one
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    Request for fighter conversion.

    TO: Asami Sakurai, Fort Hikari FROM: Star Army Research Administration We're sorry to hear that but of course we always encourage pursuit of your own inspirations and ambitions. Let us know if you need anything into the future. Luck in your new endeavours, Shoi Nimaki Nobunaga Development...