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Recent content by Tom

  1. Tom

    So I do voice acting WAVY ARMS DANCE! (That's me)
  2. Tom

    So I do voice acting

    Thanks! (Sorry for the late reply, work/VA absorbs my time at the moment.)
  3. Tom

    So I do voice acting

  4. Tom

    I am Kokuten.

    Great to see you again, friend!
  5. Tom

    $15 Character Artworks from Zairyo

    He is, after all, having such a good time. ;)
  6. Tom

    So I do voice acting

    And now, I proudly present to you the thing that has taken up nearly all of my free time for the last year and a half, COMPLETED.
  7. Tom

    Feedback Needed: DR v3

    If I can try to address one of these questions from a complete Luddite's view: the idea that a mindy can no longer cut into a ship's armor at any point on the ship seems shortsighted. Maybe plating has to be lighter somewhere. Maybe a Mindy team can't cut through in one go but they have to keep...
  8. Tom

    Feedback Needed: DR v3

    I cannot and never did over my 10+ years here understand why some of you guys are so focused on the 'numbers' when talking about imaginary spaceship soap operas like they hold any value over the telling of an actual collaborative story. GM <-----> Players. Two way street and the second my...
  9. Tom

    So I do voice acting

    Thank you, but I just returned to the US (North Carolina) this October. I have such great memories of my time there, though. A new chapter begins!
  10. Tom

    So I do voice acting

    Thanks! :D
  11. Tom

    So I do voice acting

    I don't usually share the details, but I'm particularly proud of our group's recent release. If you like Undertale, it'll be up your alley. XD Best experienced with headphones and the volume CRANKED UP, especially starting at 1:02. I'm in the chorus (the high voice in your left headphone).
  12. Tom

    It's been a very good day. :D

    It's been a very good day. :D
  13. Tom

    What do you spend $$$ on?

    When it's not the bills, too much audio equipment for voice acting. Microphones can get NUTS expensive.
  14. Tom

    READ ME Mending the Imperium

    I will provide any advice you need from my experiences, but I encourage you to take the faction and forge a beautiful, distinct path for it which will introduce new energy. I was Nepleslia 1.0 and that was 10 or so years ago, so I'm pretty much welllll out of date on things, haha!
  15. Tom

    READ ME Mending the Imperium

    It seems like this is a critical moment in Nepleslia as a playable faction. If the results shake up things to the point where all the vets leave, then make sure that the new players that are still around can have the commitment to revitalize the faction and keep it afloat or it'll go into NPC...