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Recent content by Toshiro

  1. Toshiro

    SACN: Orders [Orders] Yoshiro Tanaka

    To: Tanaka Toshiro-Heisho You are hereby ordered to report to the YSS Sakura II, NG-X1-395, for an interview. Kage Yaichiro-Taisa CO, YSS Sakura II, NG-X1-395
  2. Toshiro

    Life Events Andrew in hospital, expects laptop access on night of 5/13

    Good luck, God Bless, and keep us posted!
  3. Toshiro

    Life Events Andrew in hospital, expects laptop access on night of 5/13

    I've just been informed by Andrew that he is in full relapse. The Leukemia is back. He's being transferred tonight or tomorrow to a hospital which is better equipped to handle this new development.
  4. Toshiro

    Life Events Andrew in hospital, expects laptop access on night of 5/13

    I've been in Discord contact with Andrew, and late on 5/12 he had to go to the hospital. As of today (5/13), he is admitted and isolated with Candida auris and has a severe upper respiratory infection. He already has a weakened immune system, which is a contributing factor. He expects to have...
  5. Toshiro

    Kirie/Keiko 1C Improvement Discussion

    @raz Well, the issue was that it went into so much detail about the technicalities of how the software worked and interconnected, that it seems to have been intimidating to new players to even try. I needed to convey that it makes the pilot operate it as if it were their own body without the...
  6. Toshiro

    Kirie/Keiko 1C Improvement Discussion

    In a major engagement in YE 26, if memory serves, an inability to recover LAMIA on the part of the Army left many mini-Neko stranded and they slowly died needlessly. Had the LAMIA been able to go to FTL, they might have had a chance at surviving. The Mindy 4 also maintains a low FTL speed of...
  7. Toshiro

    Kirie/Keiko 1C Improvement Discussion ^ Work in Progress The old Kirie and Keiko articles has a lot of bloat regarding the nuances of their software to the point of making the article daunting to read. I'm trying to make a revised Kirie and...
  8. Toshiro

    Approved Submission Yamataium Graft

    This is an odd one in that it has RP behind it. In YE 30, one of my characters salvaged some Yamataium and was allowed to keep it due to the Army's oversight in asking to claim it when informed he had it. He then abused its regenerative properties to make more Yamataium until he could rebuild...
  9. Toshiro

    Approved Submission [Template] Components

    There is a missing space before the "**Manufacturer:**" and the "**Fielded By:** that makes the text centering a tad wonky. Otherwise, good job!
  10. Toshiro

    Approved Submission Emergency Soul Savior System

    Added compatibility with the currently in NTSE.
  11. Toshiro

    Approved Submission Emergency Soul Savior System

    This is a technology that already exists in an approved state here, but lacks its own independent article. It is now used in multiple approved pieces of technology. As such, I'm giving it its own article for the purposes of elaboration and modernization to current wiki standards. This also...
  12. Toshiro

    New faction 3 month rule.

    Try looking at it from our perspective. If you spent ten or fifteen years on a roleplay (not an exaggeration, some have been here even longer) and a group of people suddenly showed up and one new player wanted one of the most influential roles in the setting, the role of FM, would you really...
  13. Toshiro

    New faction 3 month rule.

    Nowhere does that say 'make a new faction on day one', which is an elevated role in the community that needs trust to be built first. You quickly dismiss the value of trust here. Trust is what allows you to attract players not only to your faction, but to play with it period. Trust is what...
  14. Toshiro

    New faction 3 month rule.

    Maybe your faction has the potential of being rich and contributing to the setting, I will not judge that at this point. What is an issue is that you cannot have learned enough about the community and setting at this point to properly tailor-make and integrate such a faction into the setting...
  15. Toshiro

    SACN: Orders [Orders] Kage Yaichiro

    To Star Army Command From: MEGAMI, YSS Sakura, NG-X1-395 Recommending the following medals for CO Kage Yaichiro-Taisa: War Medal for aprticipation in the Kuvexian War, the Command Award for Commanding the YSS Sakura II and 3rd Squadron, and the Combat Award and the Service Award for...