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  1. demibear

    Approved Submission Zhenren Human Upgrade Package

    I re-wrote some of the stranger sentences. Hopefully will be clearer to some.
  2. demibear

    RP [Open RP] Sood Zadra

    Laughing N "If you want the honest truth, I am trying to get back home. I like to show what I am capable of than simply boast about it like some drunken idiot. Not like anyone can just call up one of my previous employers. Where ever they might be. And before you ask ma'am, home is Yamatai and...
  3. demibear

    OOC The Golden Band expeditionary force

    Count me in. Sorry the delay. Likely will be a civilian or maybe R&D.
  4. demibear

    RP [YSS Wakaba] Episode Two: We ain't in Yamatai No More

    Corridor to Upper Engineering The Captain being down did not phase Hiroshiko at all, she was still scared shitless that she was going to finally die on a kami-forsaken Sharie. "If I ever survive this, I will never step foot on this death machines ever again!!" she thought to herself. Her...
  5. demibear

    RP [Open RP] Banzai!: Training House (Prelude)

    Zanven would find the transport lacking in seats. There were plenty of overhead rails and a few poles to grab on to. Considering it was nothing more than a XL sized Standard Shipping Container with plasma thrusters, it would not take much imagination to see how tightly together the trainees are...
  6. demibear

    Approved Submission Zhenren Human Upgrade Package

    If I need to make it more concise, I can. I tried to keep the revelent (this is what you can/need to do) at the top and the technobabble supporting it below it for the nerds like myself.
  7. demibear

    RP [Open RP] Banzai!: Training House (Prelude)

    Akira looked over towards Tachiko and returned a very crisp salute to the Chui. She then looked back at her fellow crew members, deciding to respond to Tachiko in kind. She segmented a portion of her attention so she could continue to listen and respond to Sanda, as well as talk to Tachiko. She...
  8. demibear

    SYNC From Takeda Foundation to Sakura Trust and Bank

    To: Takeda Sayako, Administrator, Takeda Foundation From: Ryu-Mizumitsu Masashi, President, Ryu Keiretsu When I heard that a honorable institution such as the Takeda Foundation was interested in diversifying their profile, I just had to personally handle this situation. There is a situation...
  9. demibear

    SYNC To RHI Licensing Department from YFW Procurement Department

    From: Ito Weixuan, Licensing, Ryu Heavy Industries To: Wakaba Masami, Yugumo Fleetworks Procurement Department That can be easily arranged. The boys and girls at the Advanced Works Department will be excited to hear this. As this is an amendment of the existing Ryu Keiretsu-Yugumo Corporation...
  10. demibear

    RP [Open RP] Banzai!: Training House (Prelude)

    Fort Ingestrie Recieving Station, Transport Bay 8 Akira looked over at Yayoi with almost a shocked look. In all this time, she legit thought the Ranger was created in the image of the first generations of Nekos. Few of them were capable of cracking a smile if it didn't involve the death of...
  11. demibear

    Increased Investment Announced for the Red Hitherlands

    Coming off of the success of their Tange Operations in partnership with the Yugumo Corporation, the Ryu Keiretsu announced in an investor virtual conference a plan to invest in the infrastructure of the region of space containing Sector Grids 1410, 1411 and 1511. Consisting of the systems...
  12. demibear

    Approved Submission Zhenren Human Upgrade Package

    I have been sitting on this for quite some time. So figure it is time to bring this forward. My reasoning for this is there is likely a small fraction of "humans" that refuse to upgrade to better bodies because they are not humans. They are going to need something to integrate better in a...
  13. demibear

    RP [Open RP] Banzai!: Training House (Prelude)

    Tatiana, Fort Ingestrie, School of Advanced Infantry Combat YE 44.2.22 0530 hours Camp Yamato Cadre Barracks Within numerous rooms within the barracks for the school's cadre, the familiar sound of alarms could be heard awakening their inhabitants. The equally familiar grumbling of a number of...
  14. demibear

    RP [Fifth Fleet] Fifth MSU: Maintaining the Peace (and quiet)

    "Takeda... my surname is Takeda." Junko said with a slightly annoyed face. But then she smiled a bit at the suggestion of visually mapping the ship into a 3D Model. "I did not know that was a capability of Mimics, that is a fantastic idea." she said before motioning the two to follow her as she...
  15. demibear

    RP Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 4: The Hand That Feeds

    Upper Concourse Monitoring the squad nets for the rangers and infantrymen at the same time, she waited to say anything. With the Captain not saying no after a moment, she decided to go the "It is better to ask for forgiveness" route. "Thunder, K-718; you are a go. Bag 'em and tag 'em." Akira...
  16. demibear

    SYNC Ryu Keiretsu Purchase Order to Yugumo Corporation

    To: Hinata Tsukasa, Yugumo Fleetworks Sales Department From: Helena Steiner, Ryu Keiretsu Procurement Department We would like 2 to have the destroyers to be armed with your standard configuration. The remainer we would like to be bare bones to allow installation of our own designs. Black Crane...
  17. demibear

    Approved Submission [Yamatai] School for Advanced Infantry Combat

    Awesome, I will make the changes later and make up a list of classes at the bottom.
  18. demibear

    Approved Submission [Yamatai] School for Advanced Infantry Combat

    In trying to develop class numbers (maybe we will have fake Giretsu like we have fake SEALs), I realized the training schedule listed on the article does not make a lot of sense. At most within 45 weeks of a Yamataian year (the school was made after the switch), you can only get 5 cycles done...
  19. demibear

    RP Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 4: The Hand That Feeds

    Rather Empty Terminal... Too Empty. Akira, still oblivious to what was truly going on with the supplies seemed rather alarmed that a large number of criminal elements were already moving on the supplies. "Understood, continue to observe their actions. If they steal anything, try to track it...
  20. demibear

    RP [Ravenaca's Watch] Rhythm

    Shuttle Returning to the Watch Sara was quiet during the flight back to their ship. If Maren had not said anything to her, she likely would have remained as such. So she played back the matriarch's words to make sure she did not miss something. She finally looked over in Maren's direction...