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  1. Ethereal

    Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #116 - Consciousness Ownership Act

    Mochi nodded, having read the Amendment to the original Proposal. "It seems scaled back in scope from the original Proposal, and I hope that puts minds at ease." He spoke, scanning the text again, "I like a lot of the safeguards, but I think a few may be overly restrictive. The current ban on...
  2. Ethereal

    RP: YSS Resurgence Star Army now, Farm boy forever (Silent Voices in Uniform)

    Mochi opened the door, a set of tinted safety goggles over his emerald green eyes. The Elysian was dressed in his usual working uniform, with the addition of a labcoat that appeared suspiciously new. No doubt the Science Officer went through them at a rate of knots. He appeared wide eyed...
  3. Ethereal

    RP: YSS Resurgence Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 6: Machine Moon

    Bridge Mochi followed in only shortly after Koyama, whistling gently as he did. "Captain. XO." The Elysian threw up a casual salute, spotting a new face he didn't believe he recognised. Raising a hand in greeting, Mochi waved warmly to her, sunburst wings rustling lightly as he did. The Taii...
  4. Ethereal

    Implemented Require Managers to Have RP Activity

    It's very true that technically speaking, any MOS can be on a SOFT team - they're generalist by design in that way, unlike other special forces. They'll never be able to triage a starship, investigate a scientific anomaly, or quell a riot, but they're a kind of collection of people who are good...
  5. Ethereal

    Implemented Require Managers to Have RP Activity

    *stares at the Star Army Military Police* Yeah, nobody's ever RPing with that thing, despite my best efforts, but that can hardly be classed as influential in that case 🤣🤣 It can be slightly difficult to RP with entities such as SARA. I do a lot with authorising projects, providing ideas...
  6. Ethereal

    Implemented Require Managers to Have RP Activity

    Personally, I think that power struggles are good for RP. Having characters be invested in something for once and have their world tugged at a little can only be a good thing. Throw them an interesting situation to think about and see what they feel about it, it's good roleplay. We had a...
  7. Ethereal

    SYNC Special Forces Collaboration

    TO: Chief of Rikugun Staff, Office of the Ranger-General, Office of the Provost Marshal, other SASO Command CC: Fleet Taishos, Star Army Command FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Chair, SASO All, As I'm sure you received the message from SAINT, I'd like you to rest assured that our Commander has the...
  8. Ethereal

    SYNC Additional protection

    This conversation has been encrypted using SASO Silver Card clearance. TO: Star Army Military Police, Kyoto FROM: Senator Iemochi, YSS Resurgence Greetings, I'd like to request a Close Protection Specialist, or a number, to be assigned to me as bodyguard. I am uncertain what may come of my...
  9. Ethereal

    Silent Voices are Heard

    The feed shows an interior shot of the Imperial Senate. There are relatively few Senators in attendance. An Elysian Senator is talking quite expressively. The Premier sits at their position stoically. The Senator speaks, "Premier! Surely you don't intend to challenge my intentions and overstep...
  10. Ethereal

    Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #115 - Industrial Recognition Act

    "An opportunity." The Senator for Virginia echoed, "That it surely is." With that, he disappeared and the spider pad which has shown him volumetrically now scampered off down a hallway.
  11. Ethereal

    Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #115 - Industrial Recognition Act

    Mochi laughed and laughed hard, as soon as Katsuko said 'adjourned'. He began replying as soon as that word was uttered, such that most of what he said was caught on camera by virtue of speaking over the Premier. "Premier! Surely you don't intend to challenge my intentions and overstep your...
  12. Ethereal

    Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #115 - Industrial Recognition Act

    Mochi was also not one to stand down when it appeared to him that anyone was simply ignoring his points. By responding after he had suggested closing the matter, Mochi now had the ability to answer. Technically speaking, the Premier was there for points of order, not to speak on the bill itself...
  13. Ethereal

    Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #115 - Industrial Recognition Act

    Mochi wanted to put his face through his desk. The words he'd already said and reiterated this debate echoed in his mind, 'SAMIC is not under the control of the Senate and any legislation we pass constitutionally cannot influence the Star Army.' This always seemed to happen whenever he put a...
  14. Ethereal

    SYNC SASO Split

    SASO Command, Given that there have been no rejections, and that our Commander has not given directives one way or the other about the matter, I'd like to officially sanction this reformation. In addition, I have laid out the new uniform identifications for the units listed below. They will...
  15. Ethereal

    SACN: Orders Hanako's World: Unifiers

    FROM: Star Army Special Operations TO: 225th Batallion, Unconventional Regiment, Star Army Rangers, Star Army Reconnaissance You are hereby ordered to insert into Hanako's World and embed in the civilian population. Execute standard protocol of linking resistances to Star Army channels...
  16. Ethereal

    Fixing Grandfathered Equipment

    I think Frost's solution is actually a really good one that solves a lot of issues. It has my support. In terms of things that are still DRv2, I don't think they'll ever see DRv3 given how long DRv3 has been out. One of the main issues that's come up is the idea that the current Tier system is...
  17. Ethereal

    SYNC SASO Split

    SASO Command, You may have noticed recently that our mandate and business have organically expanded over the past year or two. While SASO was originally designed for solely managing the training and operations of Special Forces in the Star Army, this is no longer fully the case. SASO has...
  18. Ethereal

    Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #115 - Industrial Recognition Act

    Mochi nodded a few times, "That's a very good point. However, I still feel like there is a niche where there are - and could be - some very large, established and trusted Yamataian companies that don't make military products. They can be trusted, but the Star Army simply wouldn't give them the...
  19. Ethereal

    Senate: VOTING Senate Proposal #115 - Industrial Recognition Act

    Seinosuke shook his head slightly, "In my reading of the law, the SAMIC allows the Star Army to designate its own Major Corporations explicitly for development of its own military products. However, the actions of the Star Army are constitutionally separate from those that directly change the...