• 📅 November 2022 is YE 44.8 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.

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  1. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Rikugun Kamirakurai

    Originally going to be a SASO force but once again split out into being a Rikugun MOS. Shock troopers / armored breakthrough. Think DOOM-guy catgirls. @demibear
  2. Ethereal

    RP Concluded God's Lightning Forms

    Star Army Special Operations Headquarters, Fort Shizuka, Valentine, Virgo Defence Sector YE 44.5 Iemochi Feyani stood silently in the warm sunshine of Valentine, home of Star Army Special Operations. As of late, SASO had been moving to cover a more cerebral role than originally intended. While...
  3. Ethereal

    SYNC OP Fireplace IIS Assistance

    TO: Taisho Ketsuri Yui FROM: Iemochi Innovations & Sales Ketsurui-sama, We've heard of the sudden refugee crisis and wish to extend a hand from the civilian economic sector. We've assisted the people of what was once 188604 (USO/OSO) in a similar emergency and are willing to do the same here...
  4. Ethereal

    SYNC Virginia - Retrofit the Refugee Towns

    TO: Virginian Central System Government CC: Taisho Ketsurui Yui FROM: Senator Iemochi Seinosuke All, I've just received word that a large number of refugees are being resettled by the Star Army of Yamatai. Our refugee capacity was built so that we could help the UOC refugees and we can easily...
  5. Ethereal

    RP: YSS Resurgence Post-Mission 6: Fighting with Friends (OPEN)

    [Open for all Resurgence crew] Virtual Reality Room After the Debrief Mochi swept into the VR Room, pulling his pad from a side pocket and flicking its smooth surface a few times as he moved towards the centre. The Dojo was useful, but kind of redundant when the VR room even had programs...
  6. Ethereal

    Interest Check TANTO VIRGINIA: Needle's Point

    Greetings, prospective Operators! Given there's been a few mentions of interest in TANTO teams and SASO plots in general, I've decided to open up an interest check for an RP plot that I've been planning. I don't know how exactly it might go, or turn out, but hopefully it will be an interesting...
  7. Ethereal

    Rejected Submission Experience Pins

    Given our current awards system with number pins going on awards for multiple citations. This is great until you realise if people have a lot of double-digit citations for awards their lapel will look like a string of assembly code or something. This is a little more pretty and also solves the...
  8. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Science Award

    Just needs a little Photoshop / MS Paint to make the artwork, but I don't know how Wes made the others and am awful at artwork skills, lol.
  9. Ethereal

    In Progress Change the Awards pages to be struct for recipients

    This is a relatively small change, but having the recipients of Awards be auto-populated into a table on the page would probably be nicer than having "notable recipients" that people need to edit their characters into?
  10. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Wingpack / Jetpack

    #12 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. Made for winged individuals, but can also give people wings who want them.
  11. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Scalable Explosive Backpack

    #11 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. For those times when you don't know if you need a hand grenade or a torpedo.
  12. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Pain Dampening Headband

    #10 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line.
  13. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Hacking Wristblade

    #9 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. Why mess with firewalls when you can stab through them?
  14. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Assistive Exosuit

    #8 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. Used to help human-strength individuals catch up where it's useful to do so.
  15. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Cutting / Welding Torch

    #7 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. Used mostly for damage control, but also usable by engineers. Useful for boarding actions too.
  16. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Sensory Assistants

    #6 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. Equipment to help with scouting activities. Contact lenses and ear plugs.
  17. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Hardening Spray

    #5 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. Can be used on people or equipment, but is designed to protect arteries and the spine.
  18. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Inertial Cuffs

    #4 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line. Designed to retrain high-strength individuals and also anchor the person in place in space, as if the cuffs were affixed to a wall.
  19. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Tazer Gloves

    #3 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line.
  20. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Homing/Returning Knife

    #2 in IIS' new "Catacombs & Creatures" inspired product line.