• 📅 February and March 2022 are YE 45.2 in the RP.

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  1. demibear

    Senate: VOTING Election of YE 45

    Tamafune just listened as what was supposed to be just a simple affirmation of votes made something else apparent to her: the votes didn't really matter. Not that she intended to say anything, she was an absolute nobody and it did her or the Reds to jump in with her opinions. She just learned...
  2. demibear

    Approved Character For ISS Shiori in Hinomaru Sunrises II: Nurse Marika

    That batch at least. There are at least 400 of them as of 45.1
  3. demibear

    Senate: VOTING Election of YE 45

    "As Fujiko does not have a run-off system, the majority of Fujiko's votes were for Anslen Volontany. Fujiko vote goes to Anslen Volontany." Tamafune said in her order of the roll call.
  4. demibear

    Needs FM Approval Pinghe Frontier Development Vessel

    The art will come later, it will be easy to just overwrite the unfinished angles.
  5. demibear

    Needs FM Approval Pinghe Frontier Development Vessel

    I need to find a 3D artist to finish the models. It's largely beyond my ability and I don't have the time to watch youtube tutorials, lol.
  6. demibear

    RP: Hinomaru Sunrises II [Plot Event - Month #1] Cabin Fever

    Mikael's experience with constantly building and tearing down POMs finally paid off. He used his strength, skill, and bribery skills to get extra help from technicians in rebuilding his cabin and likely annoying Lisse...
  7. demibear

    What are your favorite ways to name characters?

    I think of the ethnicity of the character then either pick what sounds nice to me.
  8. demibear

    Approved Submission Star Army Insurgents

    It's been more than three days on this.
  9. demibear

    OOC YE 45 Election Planning Thread

    Ukmirt would more then likely follow along with Fujiko outside of a few issues like agriculture.
  10. demibear

    OOC YE 45 Election Planning Thread

    I was going to throw Tamafune at this. But I never officially announced in the news. So it can be ignored.
  11. demibear

    RP: YSS Kaiyō [OPEN RP] Aside: Tanjōbi

    Mikael's face contorts a bit at the mention of he being the sole listed person on the line of succession. Considering the importance of the position within Yamataian culture and the Ketsurui most likely wanting only a Ketsurui to be on the throne, there had to be a lot of other Ketsurui...
  12. demibear

    Suggestion Make SAOY Occupations More RPG Friendly

    And there is no way to determine what occupation you are on that, oddly enough. Maybe they should have a "regimental/occupation" pin somewhere.
  13. demibear

    RP: Hinomaru Sunrises II [Mini-Mission] M3 - Seafood Extravaganza

    YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City Taisho’s Private Kitchen Mikael's own sense of observation were briefly directed towards the Chief Chef. He couldn't figure what, but his SAINT senses were getting tingly when ever he watched how he was watching the others. There was the "mentor look" and then...
  14. demibear

    Needs FM Approval Red Mountain Multipurpose Corvette

    Technically a RyuK design (Nuwa is based on it), it is a spiritual descendant of the Red Hill design, Interior layout is a mix of Outlaw Star and Firefly.
  15. demibear

    OOC Kodian Civil War OOC Thread

    You got your hands full with 9. So I can make an advisor NPC that you can use to stand at places, menacingly.
  16. demibear

    RP: YSS Kaiyō [OPEN RP] Aside: Tanjōbi

    Mikael peeked his head out when he heard Hoshi's voice. "Oh, Captain! Did not hear you there initially." He said as he was still waiting for the cleanser to do it's thing. So there was disappearing for him. "With these augmentations and particularly the strength augmentation, that is a very...
  17. demibear

    RP: Hinomaru Sunrises II Mission 1 - Our Point of Origin

    Yingzi floated around like a specter, trying to not be seen as she looked over the buffet items. But she didn't also want to look like she was avoiding people's gazes as well. When it was her turn to scoop up food, she grabbed as many pork and shrimp spring rolls as she could reasonably get away...