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  1. Whitehart

    Life Events Departing

    This has weighed on me for quite some time. Over the years I have really had fun on this site and I am very grateful to everyone who has had to ut up with me and my snail pace. It has become evident to me however that I just cannot keep up. Due to a lack of motivation and imagination I am sorry...
  2. Whitehart

    Approved Character [Firebrand] Trenton Pollis

    Character: GM: @SirSkully
  3. Whitehart

    Interest Check Bounty Hunter Series Hype

    So, the current Bounty Hunter thread Housekeeping is right on the cusp of getting in to some action! Now, the title explains a little but not all so let me; The Bounty Hunter Series is a tale about various Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries and Guns for Hire coming together to tackle larger tasks out...
  4. Whitehart

    Approved Character [Psychopomp] Keem Ledat

    Character: GM: @Ace
  5. Whitehart

    Approved Character [DTR/NPF] Jackson Tuvesh

    Character: GM: @Charmaylarg Dufrain
  6. Whitehart

    OOC Bounty Hunter Last Call

    Hey folks, figured I would once again and post here letting everyone know that we are about to embark on a new mission. This will be last call this week to join the illustrious Bounty Hunter series. The interest check and details are here and the plot page is here. Thanks for reading!
  7. Whitehart

    RP [Bounty Hunter Series] Mission 1: Housekeeping

    System: Malaise Planet: Purgatory City: Half Empty If a system could be considered a slum, Malaise would be it, and within the slum is Purgatory. Within Purgatory is Half Empty, so to sum up, a slum, within a slum, within a slum. If you need something from the Nepleslian Black Market, this is...
  8. Whitehart

    Interest Check Rebooting the Bounty Hunter Series

    Hi all, I have restarted the past Bounty Hunter series and seem to have had some success with mission zero. I already have some really great players but I would like to expand the roster. If you have any interest in playing an Independent mercenary or Bounty Hunter, this may just be the plot...
  9. Whitehart

    RP [Bounty Hunters]Mission Zero

    System P1-4 Planet Pryedain Robertsville city ~22:47 The White Marlin was, arguably, the largest and most prestigious restaurant on the planet. It catered to those of the upper crust, the creme de la creme, the better than's and tonight was no exception. Tonight, a fabulous Gala was in full...
  10. Whitehart

    Approved Character [HMS Nemesis] Duhal Lan'Fir Douall

    Character: GM/FM: @Gunsight1
  11. Whitehart

    Approved Character [Farthest Stride] Kai Wei Liang

    Character: GM: @Legix Neppy FM: @Gunhand4171
  12. Whitehart

    RP: NSS Inquiry A New Arrival

    NSS Inquiry Adam Edison was yet again in chains. His short stint in service of the Free State was short but impactful. He sat silently in the shuttle as it headed to and landed on the NSS Inquiry. He was a little used to the procedures now. In the past he would be spitting venom or struggling...
  13. Whitehart

    Approved Character [NSMC 309th] Joe Larson

    Character: GM: @Legix
  14. Whitehart

    Approved Character [Shinpi] Gunther Stein

    Character: GM: @Legix Abwehran FM: @Syaoran
  15. Whitehart

    Approved Character [Nibiru Station] Amunkt Tavadjut Keem

    Character: GM: @Ira
  16. Whitehart

    RP: The Wayward Nan's Workshop

    ((This is mostly just a downtime thread. Nan's Workshop is always open for anyone to stop by. Just no adult themes please)) Nan's room is as it always has been, a cross between a meticulously kept with areas of complete chaos. One would even say this describes Nan perfectly. On a normal day...
  17. Whitehart

    Approved Character [ISC Phoenix Vol.2] Daniel Apaway

    Wiki sheet: Plot GM: @Luca
  18. Whitehart

    Approved Character [Aquila Flight] Edward Donato

    Character URL: Plot GM: @Gunhand4171 and @Archander
  19. Whitehart

    Approved Submission Concussion Gauntlets

    Submission Type: Armor/melee weapon Submission URL: Faction: Independent FM Approved Yet? N/A Faction requires art? N/A For Reviewers: Contains Unapproved Sub-Articles? No Contains New art? N/A Previously...
  20. Whitehart

    Approved Character [Black Vipers] Juan Juarez

    Character Article URL: Preferred Plot's GM: @Semjax