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  1. SageShooter

    Deadly Assignments

    On> Yamatai, Rikun's apartment The blinking light and repeated buzz annoyed Rikun into consciousness as she looked up and squinted through bleary eyesight to see just what annoyance had been dropped onto her lap at... 2:30 in the morning? "Fuc-...Fucking shit someone better be fucking...
  2. SageShooter

    [YSS Shiroyama] Mission One: And that's how it all started...

    Terra Multa's Orbit - Derelict - Vandal 1 (SOFT) Midori growled as the shots ripped down the halls at the squad, yet the Samurai acted as she should. A hand onto the collar of Miles, the Neko hefted him back a little before she turned to where she saw the shots come from. Down to a knee...
  3. SageShooter

    RP [Tsumi] Volume 1, chapter 1: With overwhelming force

    Sekhmet's eyes went wide for a moment as she was scolded by Marraken, but she turned her gaze aside and muttered an "ok" before she fell in to walk at the side of Kzma, hand on one of her blades as she watched the wretch closely. She wasn't about to let some unknown person be far out of her gaze...
  4. SageShooter

    RP [Tsumi] Volume 1, chapter 1: With overwhelming force

    There had been a raised fist aimed at the back of Jaytorr's head as he taunted Marraken. She wanted to slug him right in his face, or the back of the head, or anywhere really and put the man in his place for his insolence, but she wouldn't. Now wasn't the time, not when they were almost done...
  5. SageShooter

    RP Free At Last

    Obsidian City Park Harmony let out a small sigh as she rubbed her thumb over the palm of her hand. Parts of her were still bandaged, the Lorath girl looking like a halfway done mummy as she sat a bit off from the pavilion. She had been released from the hospital, for the time being, her body...
  6. SageShooter

    OOC [Interest Check] LSDF Plot!

    I wouldn't be opposed, but they would have to be updated to a NH-33 if they were coming over as a part of the exchange program, and understand there will be some general distrust from the Lorath.
  7. SageShooter

    RP: Section 6 The Reaper Cometh

    ON>Obsidian City General Hospital Harmony sat in the halls of the hospital in a numb haze. She couldn't remember how far she had walked away from Koroleva's room after the doctors had pushed her aside to help the Neko. She couldn't remember how long it had been since it had happened, or where...
  8. SageShooter

    RP Fall of Himiko Ch.1: Desperation

    YSS Nishitima, Radio Town. Rikun's bearings came back to her just as she hauled out of her Mindy and onto the shoulder of someone. The disorientating motions and situation made things worse for her as she flailed a little. "Fuck put me down I'm fine!" She shouted as she fought against being...
  9. SageShooter

    RP Ocean Day of YE 41

    Saya "Very funny Kiki, it's me Saya. OH! Sorry sorry I'm sorry..." Saya backed a step away from Kiki after she realized she had touched her wings and fought the urge to smooth them out. "I didn't think you were coming today Kiki, but there are a bunch of us from the Kaiyo here! We should get...
  10. SageShooter

    Approved Character [New Lorath Plot] Medic Arraak'Viro'Crysi 'Shaman' Fyunnen

    I already looked it over, so it has my seal of approval!
  11. SageShooter

    OOC [Interest Check] LSDF Plot!

    Legix, make a Lorath
  12. SageShooter

    OOC [Interest Check] LSDF Plot!

    Yep! Just shoot me a message on discord!
  13. SageShooter

    OOC [Interest Check] LSDF Plot!

    I should also probably mention thay this will be a part of a larger nepleslian plot that will be happening.
  14. SageShooter

    Life Events Andrew in hospital, expects laptop access on night of 5/13

    Andrew! Awesome to hear from you buddy! I'm glad things are progressing toward a better position it seems and can't wait till you get back here! I've been itching to use Eri and can't wait to pick the story up again, but what's important is you're good and healthy of course!
  15. SageShooter

    OOC [Interest Check] LSDF Plot!

    Oh snap y'all, been here for over a decade (Off and on I understand) And I'm finally going to run my first plot... This will be centered around a detachment of LSDF on one of the planets that they were allowed to settle under the control of Nepleslia. The idea of the plot is strange occurrences...
  16. SageShooter

    New Character (Plot) [Tripathi's Tyrants] Doctor Ry'Vesh 'Profundity' New Tur'lista

    Only thing I can really see is it's "Lorath Self Defense Forces" not "Lorathian Space Defense Forces." Otherwise for his town, just make up a name, throw a few ' in the name somewhere and have fun with it.
  17. SageShooter

    New Character (Plot) [Tripathi's Tyrants] Doctor Ry'Vesh 'Profundity' New Tur'lista

    I'll give this a look over tonight when I get home as long posts seem to get eaten on mobile nowadays.
  18. SageShooter

    RP [YSS Komainu, Prelude] 00; "Red Eyes, Black Iron"

    Cargo Bay How had this happened?! How in the name of the gods or Chiharu or whatever was out there that watched over them had she gone from delivering pizzas to cowering behind some crates in the cargo bay hoping that she wasn't about to be killed. She had left the military to make sure she...
  19. SageShooter

    Approved Character [YSS Komainu] Pitz Ria

    I'm good with a JP, no issues there.