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  1. Andrew

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    Aris'Taeus adjusted his posture in the chair as Sen'Ythy spoke. He had already reviewed Mithki's dossier and file; he had several times wanted to say that Sen'Ythy should return to her old position instead. "I feel like the deeper this goes, the harder it will be for me to stay out of sight...
  2. Andrew

    Approved Submission Noval Heavy Industries

    I fixed the red link for you. @Ametheliana
  3. Andrew

    Approved Submission NH-33 Eihei DRv3 Update

    Approved from me too.
  4. Andrew

    Approved Character [17th] Leiko Matsushima

    FM Approved
  5. Andrew

    New Submission Fate Bastion

    The second Bastion Star Army Base is completed!
  6. Andrew

    SYNC To: Byujura Niniko

    To: Taisa, Kage Yaichiro CC: Group BCC: Taisho Yui Yaichiro as always I believe you to have a kind heart, you are always looking out for everyone but yourself. This should be brought to the attention of Star Army Command through Taisho Ketsurui Yui, and the Yamataian Government. Ketsurui...
  7. Andrew

    Approved Character [17th] Saski Miyu

    FM Approved
  8. Andrew

    OOC Sleeping Giants

    What kind of posting frequency are you thinking with this? My plate is starting to get pretty full with plots and sub-plots but I definitely interested in this unique idea. Is there a plot page for reference or anything on the wiki we can get a look at?
  9. Andrew

    New Submission Shuryoku-Class Super Freighter

    A new container ship for Yugumo Corporation and the SAoY.
  10. Andrew

    New Submission L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation

    A new beginning
  11. Andrew

    Approved Character NPC: Motoyoshi Kuroko

    GM Approved.
  12. Andrew

    Approved Character The Children of Midori

    GM Approved/FM Approved. To Character/Setting Mods
  13. Andrew

    Abandoned Submission [Nepleslia, Kinda] Aseri Zemith

    The user was perma-banned on 02/13/2020.
  14. Andrew

    Abandoned Submission [Nepleslia] Aggressor Heavy Assault Armor - 1a Version

    The user was perma-banned on 02/13/2020.
  15. Andrew

    SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications

    To: Shosho Motoyoshi Eri From: Chujo Motoyoshi- Kotoku Sui Eri, Love, Sui
  16. Andrew

    SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications

    To: Motoyoshi Kazue From: Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui I'm too young to be a relic eh? I like it. You're not completely annoying. Make sure you find my room after the meeting....Unless you grow snake parts before then. Bring some wine or you're paying for room service. Signed, Motoyoshi-Kotoku Sui...