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  1. demibear

    RP [G/75] Episode 0: Point that drill to the Heavens

    As the those under his command gather in front of him, Taii Yamanami's red eyes slowly scanned them. Starting with the Century HQ platoon, he noted the odd mixture of non-cornflower blue uniform panels that added a lively contrast. He then looked over his fellow infantry and rangers. Some had...
  2. demibear

    SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications

    Message received Determining if priority message... negative Determining if official order... negative Determining if spam... unsure From: Mikael Harris To: Kaiyo II Enlisted, Kaiyo II Non-Commissioned In *celebrating* Love Day, do keep the noise to a minimum and always maintain proper...
  3. demibear

    RP: ZHS [S3:E1] It was a Three Hour Tour.

    There is brief microexpression of disbelief on Akira's face that one would have to really be paying attention to see. The rank stripes on the sleeves of her uniform and the hinomaru on her left arm should tell the student exactly what she is. So she either hasn't been paying attention or doesn't...
  4. demibear

    RP [YSS Artemis O1I1] Establishing Connections

    Masaharu looks up from his datapad towards Elenor when he heard the snerk and just raised an eyebrow. He then looked over towards Bjorn the android as he entered the room. "Hopefully it gets here before we go dark. Otherwise, I would imagine it would be delayed by whenever they are able to...
  5. demibear

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 20: Baka yarō

    YSS Kaiyō II Wardroom Mikael nearly fell out of his seat when he saw the sprite suddenly undress and display her holographic abilities. He does his best SAINT acting job to make it look like he meant to do that out of amazement of her abilities instead of pervy shock. "Recorded, encrypted, and...
  6. demibear

    RP [Hanako Shall Resist] CH.1: Cut off from supplies

    Athena watched Ak grab her rifle and run off before she could do some treatment. She just grumbled because when something goes wrong because they don't allow time for simple treatment, it is going be pinned on her. So she consequently took out her rage on the bug man, putting everyone down she...
  7. demibear

    RP [YSS Shinsugo] Mission 1: When Men become gods

    YSS Shinsugo Wardroom - Early Morning Jokes on the XO! Since Tomomi obsesses over AI technology, she typically gets up quite early to maximize the amount of time that can be used towards it and her duties. She entered the Wardroom, yawning. It took a few minutes for her to register Delanna's...
  8. demibear

    Interest Check Fifth Standard Fleet RP "The Unluckies"

    Only character I really have is my technician that left Himiko somehow. But she is more of a sensors specialist/ship systems technician.
  9. demibear

    SACN [Orders] Mikael Harris

    To: Shōi Kōhōsei Mikael Harris From: Itto Hei Yoshinaga Harumi The Star Army of Yamatai has placed special trust and confidence in your valor, loyalty, and professionalism. In light of completing Basic Officer Training, as reported by Chusa Taiyou Hoshi, you are promoted to the rank of Shōi...
  10. demibear

    RP [G/75] Episode 0: Point that drill to the Heavens

    Left side of the courtyard The sound of marching could be heard from the small group of Giretsu infantry coming to join the rest waiting. To the left of them was a tall dark-skinned Minkan rocking the rank of Joto Hei. Though it might have been missed by those of the Giretsu Century waiting for...
  11. demibear

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 20: Baka yarō

    YSS Kaiyō II Wardroom Mikael "I am not shocked at all, the Kuvexian appear to be too arrogant for their own good thankfully." Mikael said in response to Hoshi calling them fools and waiting for a natural pause to make the statement. The response also came from his recent thought of the Kuvexian...
  12. demibear

    RP [YSS Artemis O1I1] Establishing Connections

    Ryu looked over in Elenor's direction when he heard last goodbyes. "Maybe it is family tradition, but we consider it a sign of death to send final farewells." he said, feeling it needed to be said. He then goes back to reading his datapad.
  13. demibear

    RP [Hanako Shall Resist] CH.1: Cut off from supplies

    Athena was on the move when she looked over at Ak when she heard her yell. She tossed a number of smoke grenades to obscure sight and followed smartly after the alien back to the words. Though she knew they were only good for visual and would nothing against thermal vision. A thought that came...
  14. demibear

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 19: Ochiba

    Living Quarters "Roger roger!" Mikael said in response to Aiko, having noticed the weakening on the shield as well. Mikael then immediately starting beating retreat in a very Nepleslian fashion. While he flew backward in a burst of speed from his aether thrusters to quickly get out, he was...
  15. demibear

    Approved Character [Task Force Inquisition] Tendou Marisa

    Oooooo, my mind blanked and forgot she was in a plot previous. Nothing special needs to be done. :)
  16. demibear

    Interest Check G/75 (Name might change)

    And we are live! Posted over in open roleplaying. The century needs a motto and mascot. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. demibear

    RP [G/75] Episode 0: Point that drill to the Heavens

    "Some days it rains. Some days it shines. But you will always have the dreaded drill and ceremony..." Unknown Joto Hei YE 39 Fort Ready Courtyard 0830hours Much to the delight of the recruits of Fort Ready, the weather had been decent with the sun shining and the temperature being a brisk...
  18. demibear

    Approved Character [Giretsu Century] Nishizaki Yoko

    Looks good to me as GM of the plot.