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  1. SageShooter

    Star Army Medical Administration Working Group SAMA-WG

    Training info - The Star Army Medical Administration (SAMA) will deal with both the initial training of medical personnel from boot camp, following up from time to time with continued education. They will have a board of administrators that will help conduct tests for certification, continue to...
  2. SageShooter

    [LSDF] Dissidents - Homefront Worries

    Outside of Xiaah'c Nacd One hour into the Operation. For close to an hour the troop had trudged through the woods, animals scattering at the heavy sounds of their footfalls that took little care to mask themselves or their presence. There was little to impede the progress of the group though...
  3. SageShooter

    Star Army Medical Administration Working Group SAMA-WG

    SAMA should give training paths for people going into the medic fields. I always figured that with Basic, they were given training for stabilization in the field for injuries, but tougher stuff would kinda be outside of their experience levels. I feel like SAMA should be a secondary school for...
  4. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    "High General Sen'Ythy... High General. By Ifmir woman I am still your leader, remember that." Sen'Ythy smirked as the woman walked in, knowing her penchant for rubbing people the wrong way. She sat a few seats down from another man in the room who she had turned from when the notification that...
  5. SageShooter

    RP: Elysia [ECV Raven] - Land of Silence

    Asclepius looked around, confused at the outright lack of sound from nature around them. Grey eyes scanned left and right as he formed up a bit behind and to the side of the group leader. He felt a little on edge with the lack of noise save for that which they made, the thunk of his staff...
  6. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    Sen'Ythy sat with elbows on the table, her hands in front of her face as she listened to Aris'Taeus. She nodded and looked to the side, using her cybernetics to send a message to Mithki to join her in the small dining area. She was sure the woman could handle the post, how she handled the news...
  7. SageShooter

    Interest Check Welcome to Butchers' Block @Ametheliana
  8. SageShooter

    OOC Sleeping Giants

    Well, I may have an open character or two dependent on what happens with one plot, but if that one ends I may have a sassy Infantry, or a Samurai on loan to the SAoY that could be interesting and used to behind lines operations.
  9. SageShooter

    Interest Check Welcome to Butchers' Block

    Whelp, I got a character that's gathering dust and is the perfect person for this plot. Angry little ball of curse words and a love of doing the stupid things.
  10. SageShooter

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 20: Baka yarō

    YSS Kaiyo II Ward Room Saya frowned a little at the idea of having to dress as as Kuvexian, about to pout about the fact before Hoshi spoke up. "No Ma'am, I'm still a Itt-...Reh!?" The medic's mouth hung open as she was promoted again, now to a Nito Heisho. In the short time she had been...
  11. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    Sen'Ythy listened to him and nodded along to his sentiments. Grateful as she was to the Nepleslians and their protection as they rebuilt and tried to recover from yet another incident for the Lorath, she couldn't help but feel put out every time the government tried to enforce something. She...
  12. SageShooter

    Approved Character [Lorath] Mithki 'Thunder' Fyunnen

    Helped wolfe work through the profile, so FM approved.
  13. SageShooter

    Approved Submission L'Toh Ltha'Dyh Corporation

    As I helped him build the wiki (read: gave input and helped with some numbers) this has the Lorath approval side. Just need Nepleslian side now.
  14. SageShooter

    SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications

    To: Chujo Kotoku Sui From: Shosho Motoyoshi Eri Sui, Love, Eri
  15. SageShooter

    SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications

    To: Taisho Motoyoshi Katsuko From: Shosho Motoyoshi Eri Kat, I'm so happy to be back at your side. I'm so happy to see you so full of life and ready for things to come. I'll always be right here, right at your side, ready to do what you need and keep you safe. You but need to ask, and I will do...
  16. SageShooter

    SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications

    To: Wyatt Fujiwara From: Fujiwara Saya "Wyatt... I can't express how much you mean to me. In the short time we've been together I feel like I've changed and all for the better. I'm much more open and willing to meet new people and make friends, I'm more adventurous and have a lot more fun then...
  17. SageShooter

    SYNC Love Day YE 42 - Messages & Communications

    To: Send All - Star Army Address Book. "To whom it may concern, Hey! I just wanted to drop a line, tell ya I had a blast on the desk/bed/stage/repair table/beach/pool/broom closet or wherever else we may have had a bit of fun, we should do it again, don't be afraid to hit me up again..."...
  18. SageShooter

    OOC Love day events!

    So! I have two love day event threads, as well as one idea proposed by Andrew for a SACN/SYNC love day thread. I want to go ahead and announce it here. The first thread will be open to well, everyone obviously, a charity auction like what was attempted for the end of the year event. This...
  19. SageShooter

    RP: Origin OIF Karakoram episode 1.1: A New Hunt

    Bay Two "Xiaah" Cockpit Why couldn't she stand to look at him for more than a few seconds? So he had seen her nude... it was a mistake. Plenty had seen her in that state... though most of those had been servants and her husband, and the doctors that had saved her life probably. Yet every time...
  20. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    She took a piece of chicken from the plate when offered, chewing on it idly as she listened to his words, his thought process on Harr'Ikke and what he thought may or may not work. A smile worked across her face as she saw he had put thought into it and nodded as he finished. "Force her, and...