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  1. Phyrexus

    Approved Character (NDC) Lena Aldea - Resubmission

    I would like to resubmit my character Lena Aldea for the NDC if a position for her is available! :D
  2. Phyrexus

    Approved Character [YSS Shiroyama] Aleksandra Voloshyn

    Ranger Mom Aleksandra Voloshyn reporting for duty! @SirSkully @Jack Pine
  3. Phyrexus

    Approved Character [Section 6] Lena Aldea

    Character page: Lena Aldea @Jack Pine
  4. Phyrexus

    Approved Character [YSS Kaiyō II] Hildr Shigefumi

    Only my second day back, and I've put together a character! I hope that you like her and that she can be useful on the ship!
  5. Phyrexus

    Returning once again!

    Hey all, been a little bit since I was last around, but I'm excited to be back for the new year!
  6. Phyrexus

    Approved Character [YSS Eucharis] Santo Hei Astridr Shigefumi

  7. Phyrexus

    What kind of computer hardware is in use in SARP?

    Some articles mention the processing core as a neural network, sometimes a cyberbrain or other similar device. Some others, like the Misshu, have organic computers, or even actual living brains! So my question is, what is the standard for computing technology in the setting? I ask because I was...
  8. Phyrexus

    Nepleslian Orders Lucas Vanguard: Request for Orders

    Name: Lucas Vanguard Rank: Private Third Class Species: Nepleslian URL of approved biography thread: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=5352 URL of wiki article: ... s_vanguard --- Preferred Roleplay Style(s) [X] JP (Play by Chat - Yahoo ID must be on your profile!)...
  9. Phyrexus

    Approved Character Lucas Vanguard ... s_vanguard Phew, finally finished. Let me know if anything needs improvement or anything else. It's the first character I've created in a long while, so please let me know. :D
  10. Phyrexus

    The United Tyran Confederation

    Planet: Tyra Race: Nepleslian Goverment: United Tyra Confederation (UTC) 30 light-years to the galactic north-east of Yamatai, within an expanse of closely groups stars known as the Wilhelm Cluster, lies the world of Tyra. Tyra is a civilised world, with much of the population living in...
  11. Phyrexus

    Sherath Industries (Unfinished)

    Sherath Industries is located within the United Tyran Confederation in the Wilhelm Nebula, 30 LY to the north-east of Yamatai. SI builds mainly military craft and weapons, but also makes civilian craft. Starships: Sh-V2-1m Ferire "Lightning" 1. Dimensions and Crew Compliment...
  12. Phyrexus

    The Tyran Sphere Alliance

    The Tyran Sphere Alliance, or the TSA, is a small cluster of stars forming a sphere about 150 light years in diameter. Its governing planet, Tyra, rests within the center in the Hades sector, and all the TSA is controlled from this planet. The TSA is based on a multi-state philosophy, where...
  13. Phyrexus


    Nevermind. I'll put up the Tyran Independant Federation and related stuff when I get my site up and running.
  14. Phyrexus

    Approved Character Phyrexus Eliff

    Character Name: Phyrexus “Phyrexâ€