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  1. Reynolds

    Interest Check Welcome to Butchers' Block

    First, please watch this tone trailer I have created, with some assistance, to set the mood for what's to come: Video Transcript: Welcome to Butchers' Block will be a Nepleslian oriented, small scale combat focused plot about a rag tag team of...
  2. Reynolds

    Interest Check UNLIMITED ANIME - New Faction & New Plots - Don't Let Your Memes Be Dreams! Star Army is heavily inspired by anime, of course. But it's only about 70%-75% anime, on average. Over at Zenjinkaze we try to keep things hovering around 80% anime. What if we went full anime? I am interested in introducing a new faction to the...
  3. Reynolds

    RP: ZHS [S2:E3] Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls On A Battlefield?

    ZHS Educational Battlefield, Tsubomi's Ward 4, Yamatai Spring, YE 41 Trigger Happy Havoc "I am Joto Heisho Skadi Aven," announced the green-eyed Neko as she stood at perfect parade rest, arms behind her back and feet squared. "I will instruct you on how to shoot, and how to survive." Those...
  4. Reynolds

    Art AI Line Art Painting Online Tool

    Maybe people already know about this site, but I just discovered it today. And it's pretty amazing. Upload line art. Select artist. Receive AI colored art. Read the guide and start adding 'hint' markers to get the colors right. Zooming in helps. You can even set...
  5. Reynolds

    Interest Check Catgirls And Spaceships: This Podcast Is Absolutely Canon

    I would like to run an RPG session every 2-4 weeks over Discord voice chat, completely canon within SARP guidelines, and upload it as a podcast to be logged (and hosted by?) the site/wiki. Is this possible? Who would be with me?
  6. Reynolds

    Approved Submission [Media] Actual Sentai Warriors, Leo Station Rangers

    After joking about them for years, I decided to go ahead and make Leo Rangers real. Hopefully @Wes doesn't mind. Also tagging @Ametheliana since I mention LAW. I don't think any of the Sakishima players that inspired this are around anymore, but I still left the characters vague to not be...
  7. Reynolds

    RP: ZHS [S2:E2] Wanna Be The Ultimate Muscle W: Love And Wrestling

    Kawaridane Sports Stadium, Tsubomi's Ward 4, Yamatai Summer, YE 40 Tonight's The Night After a few weeks of preliminary classes, the students assigned to the recently introduced special class at Zenjinkaze Fighting High School had finally received word that their dedicated, specialized...
  8. Reynolds

    RP: ZHS [S2:E1] Summer Wars

    Zenjinkaze Fighting High School, Tsubomi, Yamatai Early Summer, YE 40 0800 Hours It was a pleasant day, if a bit hot. Patches of soft, fluffy clouds lazily drifting across the sky, briefly offering shade. Cicadas crying, crows cawing. A nice enough day for the start of this special class. The...
  9. Reynolds

    Rejected Character Yanet sannedon

    Uso said he's sending the approval for this via carrier pigeon, so I'm posting from the roof while waiting for it to arrive. I assume it's fine to go ahead and start making in character posts, though. Excited to get Waterdeep on the map here in SARP!
  10. Reynolds

    Approved Submission [USO/Section 6] Project Wight

    Submission Type: Robotics Template Used: Power Armor (heavily edited, closest base I could find) Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL:
  11. Reynolds

    Approved Submission [Heartbreakers, Inc.]

    Submission Type: Media Template Used: N/A Submission WIP URL: (whoops) Submission Destination URL: Faction: I'ee/USO FM Approved Yet? Yes, in PMs, but I'll ask again...
  12. Reynolds

    RP: Section 6 Happiness Is A Warm Gun (Part 1)

    01/??/40 Section 6 HQ Weapons Department - Lab 3B Jack entered the lab with Sarah and Neera in tow as he made his way to the pedestal in the room's center. He wore full Revenant armor minus the helmet. The light illuminated his snow white hair and goatee as well as the double helix tattoo...
  13. Reynolds

    Approved Character [USO/188604] S6-WH1-T3 'Essex White' @Zack @Jack Pine @Kim I'm honestly not sure who all to ping with this. Maybe @FrostJaeger and @Ametheliana since they took a look over this for me. I made a goofy weird character that I hope I can get approved. I have never made...
  14. Reynolds

    Interest Check Koga Akemi Presents: Love And Wrestling

    ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDETTE TO CHALLENGE THIS GIANTESS FOR THE YAMA-TITANWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!?!? Koga Akemi is currently (in the past) recruiting young, nubile women to wrestle for his pleasure and amusement inside the squared circle. That's right, PRO WRESTLING has come to Yamatai...
  15. Reynolds

    Approved Submission [Media] Koga Akemi Presents: Love And Wrestling

    Submission Type: Media Template Used: None Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Faction: Yamatai/Koga FM Approved Yet? No/Yes @Wes/@Ametheliana Faction requires...
  16. Reynolds

    OOC [USO X Heartbreaker] First Things First: I Am The Realest

    Welcome everyone! From 188604/USO, the Heartbreaker, and beyond! We're kicking off a crossover plot that's big enough to bleed over into Open RP as well. USO just helped the I'ee wipe out the NMX in their system, but the survivors and stragglers are still up to no good. Enter the...
  17. Reynolds

    RP [USO X Heartbreaker] I'm Still In The Murder Business

    Beginning of the New Year, YE 39 - I'ee Home System, Ee'ee - Near Kebrenasse - YSS Heartbreaker, Bridge - 1300 Hours "Ambassadors, we appreciate the escort. And tour. Your home system seems quite...unique. And free of Mishhuvurthyar. Excluding debris, of course." Sally and Yui had been...
  18. Reynolds

    Approved Submission Yamatai-I'ee Non-Aggression Treaty (Draft)

    Submission Type: Multi-Faction Treaty Submission URL: Faction: Yamatai, I'ee FM Approved Yet? No @Wes, @Doshii Jun, @LittleWasp Faction requires art? No For Reviewers: Contains Unapproved Sub-Articles? No Contains...
  19. Reynolds

    RP: YSS Heartbreaker [Mission 4: Epilogue] Ah Sugar, Ah Honey Honey

    Late YE 38 - Antipode - 0833 Hours With the Vekimen Colony Station in the capable hands of Star Army Logistics, the crew of the Heartbreaker was past due for a little shore leave. Deviating slightly from their assigned path, they were surprised to learn that the I'ee had claimed one of the...