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  1. Rizzo

    Abandoned Submission Octogat Mk.2

    It was brought to my attention by Alex Hart that the original Octogat Rotary Pulse Laser Battery had some damage rating issues and as I've learned more about DRv3 and how to use it I could only agree that there is conflicting text. However, since then there have been major improvements and...
  2. Rizzo

    OOC [OSO] Economic Collapse

    @Wes, I’ve assembled the wiki page summarizing the Economic Collapse of the OSO. Links have been provided and it’s been written in such a way to provide context for ease of reading.
  3. Rizzo

    Abandoned Submission M2-i Shadow Mindy Refit

    So here it is. Talked about for years and even illustrated, the elusive Shadow Mindy has arrived! A few things I want to mention. First, this is not a new PA. Rather, it is a refit package for the M2-2D and M2-4. I ignored the M2-3 due it not really being mainstream. Also, the Daisy is not...
  4. Rizzo

    Approved Character [Rewrite] Raion Torēsu

    For years it has been alluded and accepted that Candon Suites is not the man’s real name. Much of his backstory has been ignored as it was vastly easier for a new player, as I was at the time, to add history I was unfamiliar with. As I’ve sufficient experience with SARP and its history it is no...
  5. Rizzo

    Maintenance Misconceptions

    Recently I have discovered a misconception that has even affected a member of the staff. It is a misconception with a mysterious origin and argument that collapses in on itself as soon as real military doctrine and mechanical engineering are applied. Militaries in SARP are no strangers to mud...
  6. Rizzo

    Approved Submission ST Data Fragmentation

    Hey @Wes, can I borrow 0.1% of all Neko? I finished an idea from a long time ago that I’d really like to use. Is this something you would approve of? For reviewers, I used a modified “drug template” for formatting as it was the best I could think of using at the time I started the article.
  7. Rizzo

    Approved Submission Aether Sidearm

    I made a PA grade pistol that might be capable of usage by unarmored infantry in a pinch if done with care. @Wes I request your blessing on this shiny new pistol!
  8. Rizzo

    Approved Submission Bulldog Light Weapons Platform

    A made a mech! And an accident. It’s not a WIP url but it’s marked wip. Sorry about that. Somebody judge me harshly!
  9. Rizzo

    SACN [ORDERS] Rohan Sephura

    To: Rohan Saphura Shoi From: Jinja Emi Chujo Shoi, we need the skills of you and your team on planet Himiko due to rumors of a potential attack. While our operatives work to verify the authenticity of this rumor you are to begin training our troops planetside in rescue operations and await...
  10. Rizzo

    Approved Submission HAP Suppressor

    After discovering the Heavy Aether Pistol I discovered that among its accessories was a sound and flash suppressor, listed separately. After a brief chat about it on discord @Ametheliana stated that since it was approved by both Wes and the NTSE it was legit. Naturally I was stoked to see the...
  11. Rizzo

    OOC Fall of Himiko

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it is here! The Official Fall of Himiko OOC thread! Ch.1: Desperation Plot wiki For all characters starting in space, the fleet will be written by @Arbitrated. For all characters starting on the ground... godspeed and get ready!
  12. Rizzo

    RP Fall of Himiko Ch.1: Desperation

    YSS Nishitama, Bridge Pneumatic doors swished shut behind a quick paced man in a black-paneled SAoY uniform as he entered the bridge of the YSS Nishitama. The man held his injured ribs firmly yet slackened none of his pace as he approached the captain without a trace on emotion in his eyes...
  13. Rizzo

    SYNC (FoH)They’re Just Solar Flares

    To: Oshiro Masumi From: Candon Suites Good morning, Love. I’m finally back in Yamataian space so naturally I have a new assignment. It’s wrought with dangerous saboteurs and spies! Oh my! In all seriousness though, it’s probably just these weird solar flares that some ship captain is...
  14. Rizzo

    OOC Gritty Tale of Getting Rekt!!!

    Hey everybody, it’s Rizzo, everybody’s favorite cynical minded, raging dumpster fire of ideas that just didn’t work out. :cool: I’m back with a vengeance and yet one more story concept! Now I know what you’re all thinking, “ just give it a rest Rizzo, your story ideas never work out!” To all...
  15. Rizzo

    SACN Mark Oaklan, Medical Operation Successful

    To: Taiyou Hoshi-Chusa From: Candon Suites-Heisho Chusa, Mark Oaklan-Santô Hei is recovering well now. The operation to remove what he was calling a 'demon' was successful so he should be ready for duty. I'll request a mobile psych evaluation over SACN to be double sure. It already looks...
  16. Rizzo

    SACN SAINT Recommendation, Wyatt Alder

    To: Nakaide Shida-Taisho From: Candon Suites-Ittô Heisho In the past month I have been mentoring a SAINT applicant, a fellow Ittô Heisho named Wyatt Alder that I met on the Kaito II. He is a fine marksman as well as a swordsman with a solid understanding of how to navigate a conflict. More...
  17. Rizzo

    CoC and Honesty

    In recent events I have had the unfortunate chance to witness dishonesty on the part of two of our members. Honestly is a virtue that I happen to value so naturally this bothers me deeply. To be clear, THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION OF THE RECENT SITUATION OR SIMILAR INCIDENTS. What I wish to get...
  18. Rizzo

    SYNC Law Office of Marcos McClintock

    To: Leo Gerrick From: Law Office of Marcos McClintock Subject: Legal Services to Prevent Unlawful Arrest Greetings, My name is Marcos McClintock and I represent our legal department which specializes in the mediation and removal of foreign legal actions against Yamataian corporations. We have...
  19. Rizzo

    SACN Possible Terror Threat, OHI

    To: Yamatai Department of Commerce and Trade From: Candon Suites Ittô Heisho, SAINT Subject: Osman Heavy Industries, Business License Greetings DoCT, This message is in regards to the recent approval of a business registration to Osman Heavy Industries and their ties to an incedent that...
  20. Rizzo

    Abandoned Submission Spectre Mk.II

    I have created a monster using technology from both Yamatai and the USO. The production model that this project will hopefully lead to will not be so crazy but this one is getting a huge investment dumped into it. I'll also be putting up a bounty on Candon later as the kind of debt this will...