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  1. Andrew

    A Final Salute

    I will happily contribute to this! :)
  2. Andrew

    Plumeria 2E/Chiaki 1B/Azusa Weapon Correction discussion

    Star Army should make sense to its players and be easy and fun to use. Sorry, nothing fun in anything that's been written in this thread. Read everything above from the perspective of a new player who wants to make a ship or a weapon and RP it. Tell me where anything above would make them want...
  3. Andrew

    Plumeria 2E/Chiaki 1B/Azusa Weapon Correction discussion

    And we wonder why this system is so hard for players joining the site to understand. We name something "Light Anti-Armor Turret" and we turn around and give it a Tier rating that is not "Light Anti-Armor." The creativity you speak of, from what I can see is the result of bickering and arguing...
  4. Andrew

    Plumeria 2E/Chiaki 1B/Azusa Weapon Correction discussion

    In all honesty, the system, in general, is anti-creativity. The writer should be what matters not a number and I think that's what messes this up so bad. As things currently stand under this system. A Light Anti-Armor Turret is Tier 4. Still not sure why we all just can't go back to being...
  5. Andrew

    Plumeria 2E/Chiaki 1B/Azusa Weapon Correction discussion

    So this is the article in question - Reasonably speaking, a Type 32 Light Anti-Armor Turret - should be Tier 4 "Light Anti-Armor" A Medium Anti-Armor Turret would be Tier 5 A Heavy Anti-Armor Turret would be Tier 6 So in this case the article is wrong, cause if it was Tier 7 it would be a...
  6. Andrew

    Plumeria 2E/Chiaki 1B/Azusa Weapon Correction discussion

    To my understanding, Anti-Starship Weapons are Tier 10, Tier 11, and Tier 12. I don't see any reason to lower them down below that. Toshiro is correct, a Tier 9 weapon is not Anti-Starship, so therefore it doesn't classify these weapons. Once again though I'm going to state - The Weapons...
  7. Andrew

    Suggestion Put Some Basic Restrictions on What A Playable Character Can Be

    Characters need to fit the setting. We don't need Godzilla trying to cram into an escape pod. I think what Wes is trying to get at here is that the characters made need to be acceptable for the setting. I think in the end accepting characters that are outside of acceptability hurts the player...
  8. Andrew

    SYNC Second Chance Salvage Company - Kaieda Auda

    To: Second Chance Salvage Company (@Wes) From: Kaieda Auda I would like to inquire on a price on the following: 5 Crates of exotic liquor (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 62-53, IC: 3281-24225-108) Something special, contact Wes (YE 42 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 2-75, IC: 207-5532-77) - Please...
  9. Andrew

    Suggestion SARP needs more Junk!

    I have to confess I didn't even know that page existed
  10. Andrew

    RP [Open RP] Seizing The Opportunity (Kuvexian War Final Battle/Battle of Glimmergold)

    YSS Tokyo First Expeditionary Fleet Tokyo Expeditionary Battlegroup and Taihō Expeditionary Strike Group Himawari was grateful for Yaichiro's input, after all, technology and engineering was the Taisa's specialization. "Hai Taisa," she acknowledged his suggestions as orders. It was a strange...
  11. Andrew

    Approved Submission Technology - Hemosynthetics

    The OLD page was lacking. So, I made a new one - Hemosynthetics on Star Army Space Roleplay
  12. Andrew

    Suggestion SARP needs more Junk!

    Some of the junk should also be of well - questionable legality and sources.
  13. Andrew

    Suggestion SARP needs more Junk!

    Reasonably speaking, it might be more interesting if we did have an intergalactic junk market - having it hosted in a run-down location, we're talking about something held together by luck and bad engineering might give it more flavor. Maybe even a junk market made of junk. It gets kind of...
  14. Andrew

    Suggestion SARP needs more Junk!

    Of course, junk is for everyone!
  15. Andrew

    Suggestion SARP needs more Junk!

    You know that would be an interesting use of a post-war Kuvexian. Holed up in some dilapidated space station selling junk in a neutral system.
  16. Andrew

    Suggestion SARP needs more Junk!

    We could have someone or a group of people make more salvage companies. I think Toshiro used to run one if I remember. He had a plot around it. Could even be an open RP thing or fit into this International Space station that's been proposed, some international junk market!
  17. Andrew

    Suggestion SARP needs more Junk!

    This comes from a discussion on discord. SARP needs more junk! more salvage! I was noticing the selections at the swap were a bit wimpy. There are space battles going on! - has to be junk. It is space, there have to be various things banging apart, breaking, being evacuated, junk flying...
  18. Andrew

    Needs FM Approval [Mining Guild] Settlement

    They can be used for shopping, as I said...My point wasn't really to make you change anything per se, more just trying to get you to think a bit outside of the black and grey box to try and add some flavor to these locations.. Anyway will wait on FM before I post the official review.
  19. Andrew

    New Submission Ke-M2-W4300 Aether Whip

    I'll switch things up a bit on this one. FM Approved for Yamatai. To NTSE mod for review :)
  20. Andrew

    IP Release Only Katsuko's Otar - Akira

    Also Good to Go.