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  1. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Star Wars memes

    Create your funniest, serious or seriously funny Star Wars Memes here. Have fun making fun of, or defending your favorite characters through memes and silly art.
  2. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Theme songs for the Empires that you play.

    So was using my Spotify web player and I was perusing my game soundtrack library and was listening to the Red Alert 3 song Might of the Empire which is a theme for the faction Empire of The Rising Sun, A Japanese, high tech themed faction. If you were to pick a theme for any of the empires that...
  3. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Ok So I was wondering...

    Now it says in the wiki "We don't know how far away from Earth we are, or how long ago humans first left Earth. Incalculable knowledge has been lost to war, plagues, and alien occupations, and now Earth is merely an ancient legend. But humanity survives in the form of its distant colony worlds...
  4. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Just curious, what inspired Yamatai's power armor?

    I had played a Sci-Fi game called Section 8 in the past and since I have been at Star Army and being infantry with the Yamatai faction and it made me wonder, was the infantry armor that the Yamataian military have inspired at least in part by the game or is it just my wild but awesome imagination?
  5. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Curiousity about Star Army Marines

    I was wondering does the SAoY have something like a Marine division? I noticed that the Nepleslians have a Marine Corps. If we don't have a Marine unit what would be the equivalent of that?
  6. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Life Events Thanks to all the vets from all over the world.

    I know that this thread was a little late but I was busy on Veteran's day when I actually was wanting to post this. I just wanted to thank all of you that serve. I could never begin to pay back all that I owe you ladies and gentlemen for your sacrifice and even if I did it would take me the...
  7. Yoshiro Tanaka


    if we were to do Star Army as a LARP here is a mech that we could use. ... re=related
  8. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Approved Character Character Approval Looking for character approval.
  9. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Just a question about the Plumeria class.

    I had looked up the ship class on the wiki and I was wondering something. Is there a reason that the bow of the ship looks like a sword or is that supposed to be something else entirely?
  10. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Can anyone reccommend a plot?

    I have been looking through the plots and don't know which ones would need a infantry/PA pilot in them. Should I post orders to a plot and go from there or is there a specific plot to join if I want to be an infantry soldier?
  11. Yoshiro Tanaka

    Approved Character Yoshiro Tanaka