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  1. SageShooter

    3 Day Approval Timer Lorath Re-Work Project - First of Many Submissions

    This and more are to come in the coming weeks as we work through things
  2. SageShooter

    RP [Open RP] Seizing The Opportunity (Kuvexian War Final Battle/Battle of Glimmergold)

    YSS Tokyo Bridge Eri gave a small nod as orders were passed down to the bombers and fighters, to the power armor groups that needed to be told, and anyone else more or less that had launched from the Tokyo. She had even gone on to pass the orders on to continue firing on the final planet until...
  3. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    "We will not be bound to them, and while I am grateful, we will be independent again. To long we have relied on others, and I am tired of it. We will keep good relations with the Nepleslian people as they have done us a great thing by taking us in... but I am not going to be tied to them or...
  4. SageShooter

    RP What do you mean beyond the Star Army?

    Eri leaned forward in her screen, and at her desk as fingers dove into her hair to scratch at her scalp. The idea of Katsuko leaving the Star Army again scared her, a gut reaction to the last time she had disappeared from... well everywhere. The Shosho let out a sigh as palms slid from her...
  5. SageShooter

    RP Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 1 - Homeworld

    There was a certain swell of pride in her chest as she watched the Empress of Yamatai address her and the crew she was with. It had been some time, but the blonde Neko had once again returned to a starship based assignment, and what better way to start the assignment than a personal visit by the...
  6. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    She listened as he spoke as eyes drifted back and forth seemingly at nothing before her, but it was easy to see she was simple thinking. A shake of the head and a sigh that slipped forth as she leaned back in the kitchen to let him work, she crossed her arms as she spoke her thoughts. "We will...
  7. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    "Present ourselves how? Relationship wise? To announce our arrival back to the galaxy at large? Though I think that was already done for me with that damnable promotional video..." Harr'Ikke sighed a little and shook her head at just how much trouble that reporter had caused. Never mind all the...
  8. SageShooter

    RP [Open RP] Seizing The Opportunity (Kuvexian War Final Battle/Battle of Glimmergold)

    YSS Tokyo Bridge Eri's mind moved a mile a minute as orders were parsed and sent from her to other ships within the fleet, each second a dozen orders sent from her digital mind. It had been some time since she had to work this hard and it was evident in her posture as she leaned forward with...
  9. SageShooter

    RP What do you mean beyond the Star Army?

    The words were getting through to her, the hollow compliments that seemed to chip away at the icy shell she put up around Sui to constantly keep the woman at arms length for whatever reason. They had fought years ago over Taro and while she had won that little battle too... She had been...
  10. Datenshi.png


    Akamaru Datenshi by HelloImTea
  11. akamaru_datenshi_1.png


    Akamaru Datenshi by Zairyo
  12. akamaru_datenshi_2.png


    Akamaru Datenshi by Zairyo
  13. Destiny.png


    Xiaah Harr'Ikke Destiny Turlista by HelloImTea
  14. Midori.png


    Jo Midori by HelloImTea
  15. Sageshooter's Art

    Sageshooter's Art

    Artwork of the various characters of Sageshooter
  16. SageShooter

    Interest Check Hinomaru Sunrises

    Of course you know I'm around for it. I'll be there
  17. SageShooter

    RP [Lorath] Waiting for Destiny

    LSDF Redemption's Hand Raptor-Class Expeditionary Ship Captain's Quarters Harr'Ikke's eyes watched the man as he spoke and moved about, but mentions of the battle and their people, and already she was at work as she pulled up the information on the ships and the personnel at the battle. A frown...
  18. SageShooter

    RP What do you mean beyond the Star Army?

    YSS Tokyo Command Offices Eri sat up a little straighter as she heard the woman's words, eyes narrowed slightly in anger at the woman as she let out a small growling sigh before she spoke. "Say what you will, at least I still have people interested in me, people still wanting to be with me. A...
  19. SageShooter

    SYNC The Now Full Box - To Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lita, From Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko

    To: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko From: Xiaah Harr'Ikke "Destiny" Tur'Lista I am glad to hear from you, someone I consider a friend in a galaxy that has continued to make me question what that world truly means. I have seen... and am still learning of the many things my traitorous brother did in...
  20. SageShooter

    First Annual Galactic Swap Meet. (Early YE-43)

    Port Xenn Outskirts of the Port in an open field. It was a sight to behold on the beautiful day just outside of Port Xenn. Rows upon rows upon rows of various people of all nations, factions, races, creeds, and whatever other label or category they folded themselves into, spread out in one of...