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  1. demibear

    Suggestion Stop Using Nomenclature in Main Headers

    I guess it is time to find a product name generator. Lol
  2. demibear

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 43)

    Chuntao just blinked for a moment when Tempo made her request. "It's non-existent because we are social creatures. Geshrin, Elysian, Kodian, especially the C....Nekovalkyjra; they all require social interaction in order to thrive. Rules might different between cultures and species though."...
  3. demibear

    Approved Submission [Contractor] Hyacintho Vulpes Ingenium

    As they deal with an area Ryu Keiretsu are ramping up operations and the general feels, I could absorb/sub-contract them. Reading over a bit, I like the feel of the corp and it is a shame to see some IC work disappear. If no one objects anyways.
  4. demibear

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 43)

    "哎呀,停停停停停!!" (Special Translation: Stop!!) Chuntao said, with her eyes closed and rubbing the side of her head. "You are making a lot of assumptions that don't need to be made at this time." She then opened her eyes and looked right at Tempo. "A needs to happen before B, B before C. There are...
  5. demibear

    Bring Out Your Dead

    "Soylent Purple is people!!"
  6. demibear

    Approved Submission Ryu Keiretsu Port Jiyuu Operations

    Sub-article wip link: Sub-article link: Sub-article wip link...
  7. demibear

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 43)

    Chuntao waved to Bralunto as he walked off. She kind of hoped she would meet him again, but she highly doubted it. Especially considering the size of the Yamataian military. So she just opted to sigh and walk over to a seat, only to find Tempo was still looking at her. Before she could even say...
  8. demibear

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 43)

    "If you say you aren't one, then I guess I am wrong. The level of mechanization you display screams someone of that group, my apologies. Not many Neplesians will go through that much augmentation unless you are some crazy Mutari Lianjia... I knew a few that wanted to push the limits of the...
  9. demibear

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 43)

    Chuntao raised an eyebrow at Bralunto Gonney's statement. She had opened said jar of pickles she had brought from Nepleslia to go with a hamburger she was making at the time. She just snorted a bit and laughed. "Small universe indeed." she said, responding finally after drinking for a moment...
  10. demibear

    RP Nothing but an Ice Queen

    Mikael simply nodded his head as Taro spoke. He was about to speak about when he heard the call to wait coming from the forest. He turned to look and remained quiet as the Neko made her way over to them. He wasn't sure what to make of her, but he was on vacation. He was actively restraining his...
  11. demibear

    RP Munching on Asteroids

    "I'll have a simple iced tea if you happen to have it or a green tea if you don't" Kai Kenshin said to the waitress before looking at Yuka. "Dealing with Nepleslians for so long, I have gotten accustomed to sweetened red tea. Especially if it has a hint of lemon in it." he said with a smile...
  12. demibear

    Waiting on Submitter Fort Torēningu

    That he didn't. I am at work at the moment, but could someone send me exactly what Wes is against in a DM please? I am sure Ethereal and I can come up with something that satisfies everyone without completely undoing a lot of the effort with the wiki he did. It just might take a bit since we...
  13. demibear

    SARP Fashion by culture: What inspires you?

    I am not a faction, but I was thinking of what I could use for practical and futuristic samurai (and their largely private security corporation ashigaru) of the Mizumitsu half of my clan. I won't lie that the NDC knight and use of ponchos/belts gives me a few ideas. I'll post some references...
  14. demibear

    Approved Character Phelan Sullivan

    How is this going?
  15. demibear

    Closed Naming the Korean Sub-Culture

    He has also mentioned that Yamataians are just Nepleslians of a major culture. So I have an idea of making a Nepleslian sub-culture that just happens to use Korean names and a bit of their cultural influence.
  16. demibear

    (Open RP) Anti-Mecha Course

    There was nothing but silence as Mikael picked the Dragoon back up from the ground, Mikael not transmitting the curses in Lianjia Speech as he fell. Something along the line of mothers and chickens. "Who designed this frilling thing?" Mikael thought to himself as he ignored the bruising of his...
  17. demibear

    Closed Naming the Korean Sub-Culture

    We don't need to use a real ancient kingdom or every direct Korean analog, but it would be nice to have a name as opposed to "Korean-like" every time someone decides they want to make a Korean character. One route I am going is the Ryu of the Ryu Mizumitsu as I develop them more are Lianjia...
  18. demibear

    Forum Game If you were in the SARPiverse, what would your favorite drink be?

    I need to somehow introduce the insidious "Root Beer".
  19. demibear

    Interest Check Basic training roleplay

    I know what you mean with the Resurgence. I need to just banzai and post something potentially irrelevant.
  20. demibear

    Interest Check Basic training roleplay

    *Evil Joto Heisho laughter* I will assist, I promise it won't be scary.