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  • It's 3月 YE 43 for May and June. IC months advance every 2 OOC months.

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  1. 5tar

    RP [Open RP] Welcome to The Kikyo Sector, Part 2 - Love Day YE 43

    Aya swung her attention back to Kasandra as she heard the ping of shaker cups connect, her eyes shone with excitement. "Well Kass, I think with your charms and good looks anyone would be lucky to snag you," Aya complemented as she cupped the glass with both hands and brought it to her nose...
  2. 5tar

    RP [Open RP] Welcome to The Kikyo Sector, Part 2 - Love Day YE 43

    Aya rested her chest on the bar for a moment as she leaned in towards Kasandra the bartender, "hey hey Kass, think you can make me one of those tasty bubbly drinks again?" she pleaded softly. Wanting something to hold in her hand to keep her hands busy as she was about to head out to scan the...
  3. 5tar

    RP [Open RP] Welcome to The Kikyo Sector, Part 2 - Love Day YE 43

    As the warm pink sky over the lusty city of Kyoto gave way to the last slipping moments of daytime, the now dazzling lights of the city glittered brightly into the growing twilight over the metropolis. The volume in the bar lowered, drawing attention of the crowd to a platform stage in the...
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  5. 5tar

    likes that @raz like this.

    likes that @raz like this.
  6. 5tar

    No one can not love youuuu! It's a mathematical impossibility. :3c

    No one can not love youuuu! It's a mathematical impossibility. :3c
  7. 5tar

    @Doshii Jun - Alive, well traveled, and living good! @paladinrpg - Pride Wing Pride! :D...

    @Doshii Jun - Alive, well traveled, and living good! @paladinrpg - Pride Wing Pride! :D @Aendri - Who knows, you might just. Haha.
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  9. 5tar

    Being all nostalgic...

    Being all nostalgic...
  10. 5tar

    [Samurai House] To live by the sword...

    Not long later a simple message was sent to Sora, the message dated and saved on network until the moment past midnight; "I'm sorry. Our destinies were never supposed to meet, were they? I was too busy playing your lover knight, and you were always meant for greater things. I wanted to be...
  11. 5tar

    [Samurai House] To live by the sword...

    Hasegawa Sumaru, a strange abnormality in the strange world of Nekovalkyrja and cybernetic echos of humanity coexisting in a dream of what was, continually perpetrating on-wards in it's existence of self made evolution. He was born a nobody, a citizen in a countless empire of people so vast that...
  12. 5tar

    Life Events Work work and more work!

    It goes without saying that I will be unavable for the next while for Anything really internet related. Sorry for bailing on Fred and his plot, I wish I could have stayed and made things better. Also I would like to apologize to Kim, and leave lots of promises of 'I owe you one.' I got a new job...
  13. 5tar

    Life Events Still alive

    Sorry haven't been able to contact anyone, I got worse then got my lungs OP'd to be drained. Had to recover, then after that my family decided to go on a road trip to visit another part of family for early Xmas in England. I'll be home on the 19th and I'll fill everyone in on the details. Sorry...
  14. 5tar

    How do 'you' go to sleep?

    I always have this struggle with my mind. My perfect scenario to fall asleep usually involves creating a dreamlike image and focusing on removing the barrier between me and the dream, or sometimes transposing myself into the conjured dream. However this can go very wrong, depending on the...
  15. 5tar

    Life Events NaNoWriMo 2012: Star Army support group

    ... I always remember this too far in then I would like.
  16. 5tar

    SACN [Admirals Only] Star Army Command Chatroom

    To: Taisho Hokusai Akiyo From: Taisho Endo Shizuka Taisho Hokusai Akiyo, It is with great disappointment that I can honestly say, I have never had the pleasure of meeting you. However I must congradulate you on your recent victories, it seems that your battle prowess is worth great note. I...
  17. 5tar

    [Kyoto] Dancing Leaves

    Sumaru look relieved when her hands came to his rescue. The samurai adjusted the knot comfortably, smoothed out his suit and then tied his swords to his side securely. One last glance over everything and he looked like he was ready too. "If they try I might just guilt them into---" he stopped...
  18. 5tar

    [Kyoto] Dancing Leaves

    Even though he should have been getting ready too, a smiling Sumaru lingered a moment longer in the afterglow of Sora's warmth she left on the bed and the softness of her kiss on his lips, he stayed there in silent awe; following his lovers sultry form as she went about getting ready. He was...
  19. 5tar


    Hey guys, just a heads up. I'll be in transit all day today, going to Ontario to spend time with mai gurrrl. So with that said, I won't be on until probably Wednesday - Thusday, because of other plans. Those who are looking forward to more international spass academy, feel free to get some...
  20. 5tar

    [Kyoto] Dancing Leaves

    Sumaru followed quickly, there was excitement in his step as he followed his princess back through the halls, every time there wasn't any observers he'd rush up and pinch her behind and take the lead towards their dormitory. The samurai was always pleased to be able to get whatever intimate...