• 📅 February and March 2022 are YE 45.2 in the RP.


  1. GoblinsAreBestSpecies

    New Character (Plot) GoblinsAreBestSpecies character sheet

    Goozer Lurg is a player character played by GoblinsAreBestSpecies. Species & Gender: Random Alien Male Year of Birth: YE 20 Organization: None Occupation: Hit Man Rank: None Preferred Plot: Assassinations and battle roleplays. Physical Description height: 6'10, body type; bodybuilder, skin...
  2. Noodlewerfer

    Question About a Character Idea

    Hello, I had an idea for a character, but I'm unsure of how it can work. Basically, they were experimented on by some group (I haven't decided which yet) against their will, and the group added implants for telepathy and mind-reading. The mind-reading system is flawed and doesn't stop reading...
  3. LittleWasp

    Approved Character [Baba Yaga] Mikali, AKA Mikki-chan

    Wiki link: https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=character:mikali GM tag: @ArsenicJohn History is a bit sparse; I wish for there to be a bit of mystery. The current plan is for her to be introduced to the plot ship as part of a delivery, with a minimal loadout. Is the use of Origin infantry...
  4. LittleWasp

    OOC Mikali, AKA Mech-chan

    This is part-interest check, part-character creation advice. Lately, I've been interested in playing a character that was a bit less time and energy intensive, yet still fun to play and play with. My solution is Mikali, an 11 foot tall, probably sentient war robot reminiscent of ED 209, albeit...
  5. Arbitrated

    Forum Game Your Character as a Food!

    (Apparently this is what I do now lol) Hello, come in and sit down, everybody! So this was a little joke of a game that came from general shenanigans on Discord, and I decided (again) to make a forum game about it! It's pretty simple, really; if your character was a food (or characters, I...

    New artist offering commissions!

    Hello there! I'm an illustrator offering commission work for all you lovely galactic guys, gals and things. I was first introduced to Star Army via r/ICanDrawThat on Reddit where I took on two requests from u/SandGod for Aala Dash and Meissa Nashira (original posts here and here). I'm in the...
  7. Readlliea

    Readlliea's art

    Most of these will already be on my DA; which shares my username, before I link them here. The pictures are rather big, so I'll just put links if that's okay so I don't stretch the page. Once in a while, some might get posted as the image rather than the link. So long as I'm certain it won't...
  8. Ametheliana

    Approved Character [HMS Nemesis] Nazela Ma-Via

    Here we go! @Gunsight1
  9. Ametheliana

    Approved Character [Wayward] Saku Hana

    I got approval from @Wes for the Nh-29 body that my character got from the Ikeman, which @raz okay'd. @Syaoran is the GM and already privately approved, so this is mostly a formality. Here she is!
  10. Ametheliana

    Approved Character Effy Penihatolapsoa

    Effy!! @raz @Nashoba @Wes I'm going to do some side SAINT RP before joining Aeon. This is also an elf character, so some feedback on history made be necessary.
  11. Telarion

    Future character

    I have an idea for my character, I would like him to be like a wanderer which is searching for something(an ancient monolith maybe). I would like him to be like an ancient member or an ex-member of an ancient order created by cyborgs and humans in order to find that monolith which holds the true...
  12. Ametheliana

    Forum Game My Character IRL: The Game!

    So I found a girl named Nyané Lebajoa that looks a lot a lot like Masumi. I had to ps her a bit to make her look just like her: Here's the game: rate the ability of the person above you to find a girl or guy or... animal... that looks the most like their character! Have fun and be...
  13. Ironix

    OOC Please read...

    I have a character waiting for approval but while I am waiting, I want to know if any Nepleslian rp wants to take me in... this is my 2nd day however I have past rp experience. I am also in need of some help to get warmed up to my new rp once I get one. Thanks so much, guys!
  14. Ironix

    Approved Character Ironix

    https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=character:ironix It is edited now!
  15. Ametheliana

    Ametheliana's Art Collection

    I have had a lot of commissions done in the past of my husband and myself and have started to amass a collection of commissions of my characters. I thought I should make a thread b/c not all of these go on either my wiki page or my characters' pages. One of Masumi that I rlly love of her in...
  16. LittleWasp

    Jannafette & Qua'Jurein (Introduction and character/setting advice desired!)

    Hello, everybody! While I've been engaging in textual roleplay for a few years now, I have yet to try my hand at forum roleplay, much less in a pre-existing setting. Considering that Star Army from its beginning was geared more towards militaristic, humanoid characters, I wanted a bit of advice...