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  1. Yuuki

    SYNC Offer of Employment for Azai Kaede from Yugumo Corporate Fleet

    Yugumo Corporation To: Azai Kaede From: Personnel Director, Yugumo Corporation Re: Offer of Employment Azai-san, We at Yugumo Corporation are pleased to offer you the position of Quartermaster. Please notify us of your earliest possible start date. Rank: Kakaraichō Pay: 24075 KS per year...
  2. Yuuki

    SYNC To RHI Licensing Department from YFW Procurement Department

    To: Director, Licensing, Ryu Heavy Industries From: Wakaba Masami, Yugumo Fleetworks Procurement Department Director: Yugumo Fleetworks requests payments of the first ten million (10,000,000) KS in royalties related to licensed Yugumo products used in the Nuwa frigate be paid in product at...
  3. Yuuki

    SYNC Black Crane Counter-Boarding Training

    A Yugumo Corporation Company Tokyo, Jiyuu III OFFICE OF THE SHACHŌ From: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Shachō, Takeda Fleet, Fuku-Shachō Yugumo Corporation To: Mizumitsu Tomomi, Black Crane Securities Mizumitsu-san, As Takeda Fleet has adopted the Paradin system and other Ryu Keiretsu hardware pursuant...
  4. FrostJaeger

    [Rules] Corporate Rights

    Submission Type: Rules Article Template Used: N/A Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Original Article URL: N/A Faction: N/A FM Approved Yet? No, @Wes...
  5. FrostJaeger

    Corporations Overhaul

    Submission Type: OOC Article...? Template Used: N/A Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Original Article URL: N/A Faction: Yamatai Star Empire Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Abwehran Star...
  6. Ethereal

    Corporation Buildup Limits / Shipyard Usage

    I was wondering what limitations there are on independent organisations building up fleets as it seems this is a big issue of late with a lot of different answers flying around. Is it a case of "if you have the money, you can buy unlimited" like some people suggest, is there a limit based on...