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  1. Rizzo

    RP (non-canon) Cannonball RUN FOR IT!!!

    Howard Station, Undisclosed Dry Dock A clean white Wahoo Interceptor with brilliant green stripes was loaded with a fuel pods converted into cargo containers onto the wing hardpoints while the pilot, Arthur “Crash” Teller, danced on the wing to the beat of a Freespacer band blasting through...
  2. R

    Goin' Postal

    Howard Station, Undisclosed Dry Dock The hangar bay bustled with activity as a modified interplanetary slug was loaded into a SHIVA cannon. The fire in window was so narrow it would require computer timing and time was running short to the launch deadline. The mighty weapon had a slightly...
  3. Rizzo

    Unauthorized Arrest in Osman City(to: Uso and Vier)

    From: Mr. Donovan To: Uso Tasuki Ms. Tasuki, there has been an unreported arrest of your son, Alex, by the Sky Guard. We are unsure of the entire circumstance of the situation, however I remember that your answer to his previous arrest was nuclear bombardment and EMPing Osman City seems like...
  4. Rizzo

    Unauthorized Arrest in Osman City

    From: Buttonless Brigade Station Chief To: Mr. Donovan I remember how you mentioned that our local heros are important. I thought you would like to know that one of Alex Tasuki's neighbors reported armed men arresting Mr. Tasuki this morning. We have identified these men as Sky Guard...
  5. Rizzo

    Approved Submission r23 PDW

    Submission Type: weapon Template Used: weapon template Faction: FSCorp FM Approved Yet? Yes, by me Faction requires art? Yes, provided I don't know why I forgot to start with this
  6. Rizzo

    SYNC Post Evacuation Services in Yamataian Space

    To: forwarded to Kentari Venlyn To IIS leadership, The Frontier Service Corporation is mobilizing into Yamataian space to assist with the evacuation of citizens and provide relief. Our current financial status will not support the number of people we are projecting to need evacuations. These...
  7. Rizzo

    SYNC Emergency Request for Equipment

    To: Riccard Black From: Mr. Donovan The Frontier Service Corporation is mobilizing into Yamataian to assist in evacuation and disaster relief. We have a need for as many URSA Armored Transports as your company can build in 5 days. I understand the unreasonableness of this request and thus...
  8. Rizzo

    Approved Submission Starfighter RGC

    Submission Type: cannon Template Used: Weapon and ammunition templates Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Faction: FSCorp FM...
  9. Rizzo

    FMS Powered Suit

    Submission Type: Powered Suit Template Used: Powered Armor Template Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Faction: FSCorp FM Approved...
  10. E

    RP: 188604 [IIS] Intelligence Pt.1, Pt.2

    IIS Liaison Office, Section 6, 188604 Brinjor Kimya opened the hard wooden door to his office with a "click", the brass handle rotating easily under his grip as the older man stepped through to the functional office, red carpet covering the floor. He was engrossed in the datapad he held...
  11. Ethereal

    SYNC [IIS-188604] Food Donation

    To: Uso Tasuki From: Management, Iemochi Agriculture & Consumables, IIS Salutations We're received notice from our liaison at Section 6 that there is currently some challenge from FSCorp concerning how much we here at IIS care about the average citizen. Management have had a meeting regarding...
  12. Jack Pine

    RP: Section 6 a house divided

    From the black of space crept a Ge-L4-1a Sessou-Class Medium Freighter on its final approach to enter the orbit of planet 188604, a sleek and modern silver that reflected like a shooting star the light of the burning sun. The vessel sailed silently as it made its gentle course adjustments. A...
  13. R

    RP: 188604 The Boss Returns

    Ship: Candon's Na-T4B Cargo Container Home 3日 8月 YE 39 0800 Hours Masumi lay asleep in a bed she had only just gotten to know. The bed's sheets hung limply over her dark form which was all but uncovered as she twisted around to face away from the rest of the cabin. This ship didn't have the...
  14. Rizzo

    Approved Submission FSCorp fleets

    Submission Type: Fleet Registry Template Used: Free form charts Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Faction: FM Approved Yet...
  15. Rizzo

    Approved Submission Frontier Paramilitary Service

    Submission Type: Corporate Branch Template Used: business template URL: Faction: FSCorp FM Approved Yet? Yes, by me. Faction requires art? No, but I might, there is hope.
  16. Rizzo

    Approved Submission FS-YV1 Wahoo Interceptor

    Submission Type: Starfighter Submission URL: link UPDATED URL: link Faction: FM Approved Yet? Yes. Faction requires art? Yes. @Zack, please confirm USO components. @Alex Hart, Skyguard could totally rock this. @Jack Pine, S7 might like it too. @Samanthia, Errowyn would absolutely love this...
  17. Rizzo

    Approved Submission UPLE Emitter Assembly

    Submission Type: Weapon technology Submission URL: Link Faction: FM Approved Yet? Yes, by me, RIGHT NOW! Faction requires art? Yes!
  18. Rizzo

    SYNC Proprietary OI-M1-1A Schematics Found

    To: Origin Industries From: Frontier Service Corporation Dear ally, As you know FSCorp is in a very fragile position as a young business entity. Operating so far from the core systems can be challenging as well as dangerous. A situation has presented itself that requires combat capable...
  19. R

    RP: 188604 [1st Kuvexian Raid] The Narrow Path

    Between Nebulae approaching System 87 F The space between the nebulae was dense with heavy gas and dust. An astrogation hazard by any standards as there was no good way of moving through the purplish haze quickly. A slow approach was the way to effectively and safely navigate the cloud in...
  20. Rizzo

    Approved Submission FSC Scalable Pulse Laser Technology

    Submission Type: Weapon Technology Submission URL:Link Faction: FM Approved Yet? Yes, by me Faction requires art? Yes, Pending @Ametheliana, this one could really use your attention to detail, it's going to be a little crazy. This is technically 12 weapons. @CadetNewb, I want to make sure...