• 📅 January 2022 is YE 45.1 in the RP.

jack pine

  1. Dragon_God

    Message Group Invite - Ceilia Dee-Cerulius, Kessler Ryzka, & Rose Ironhart-Pine

    Group Direct Message Invite from user: DeeKyle29 DeeKyle29 > Audio Message: "Hey! It's been a while since we were able to talk, I think it's been five months if my memory isn't completely jacked up." An audible sound of nervous laughter,"But anyway, My brother managed to get me revived. I'm...
  2. Charaa

    Approved Submission Mining Guild's Stork

    I apologize for the hiatus, but I was thinking I'll have a break for submitting since it was the holidays, and I didnt want to flood the submissions.
  3. Charaa

    Approved Character [Osman University] Ayla Knight

  4. Charaa

    RP Hi Daddy!

    Time found the Gynoid walking once more on a purposeful mission, which in this case was more exploration. The few days old Gynoid thought that she hadn’t seen completely everything yet, so exploration was required she assumed. Exploration had brought her to places where she could enjoy herself...
  5. Dragon_God

    Approved Character [Monarchy of Dovania] Yamada Jensing

    URL: https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=wip:character:yamada_jesing
  6. Blizzard

    SYNC To: Jack Pine, Uso Tasuki, Akemi Koga

    From: Jackson Howard Subject: Havok Festival YE 40 Sup guys! Some of you may have heard, some may have not, but Akemi and I have started an airbike team and planned to host a racing series on 188604. It's a good way to make paper and bring in tourism. We already have everything in place for the...
  7. K

    RP: 188604 [Uso/Jack/Chiharu] Aren't you dead?

    ---- Outside the orbit of 188-604, after the crazy shit is mostly done ---- A bright blue shimmer preceeded the image of a y-shaped Type-30 Space yacht as it faded into existence as it exited its CFS. Chiharu had for the most part, accepted that her public announcement of Vice Premiership and...
  8. Kim

    RP: Section 6 Readiness is liveliness

    ----188604/ indoor training yard/ morning---- Jack looked over the two he would be running some basic training with as he waited for Jay to arrive. "Alright ladies, today I am not the director, I am the commander. I will be starting you on a series of exercises to prepare you for field work...
  9. Ashley Granger

    RP: Section 6 Alice finds Ashley!

  10. K

    RP: 188604 [Asteria/Section 6] Jack, the Sales Pitch

    Lorani Province, Asura III 4 Days after the Battle of Kirikuu Ranch The still morning air was crisp beneath a brightening purple and gold sky. The growing dawn had not burned away the evening chill, over the open blue-green grassy plain that was a few miles outside the Azalea Company camp...
  11. R

    RP: 188604 Salvage of another sort

    The cargo the ship had given them consisted of several containers, each ranging in different sizes and a rather damaged ship. The ship looked to be a transporter of some kind, nothing fancy honestly; even more so with the destroyed front. It was clear that the cause of the destruction and the...