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  1. Damaske

    OOC (Independent) ISS Sobek plot-ship

    Greetings everyone, I have a plot that I am going to be getting going here after the new year (1-1-2023) This is going to be a plotline around a civilian-owned military gunship turned into a cargo ship. Due to the heavy military gunship theme of the craft, ship-to-ship combat is an option, as...
  2. Andrew

    RP (18+): Hinomaru Sunrises [YSS Tokyo] Kimirthro Operations: The Plow and The Baron

    Part 1: His Majesty? Kimirthro System Staging Area - 2LY from Kimirthro System Tokyo Expeditionary Battle Group YSS Tokyo "The Plow" Jun and Nellrun had their problems, the operations were unique, to say the least with all the Kuvexians intermingled into their civilian populations - some...
  3. 2021 bardoon twins by nadekvatius commissioned by wes

    2021 bardoon twins by nadekvatius commissioned by wes

  4. Yuuki

    RP Sood Zadra

    Sood Zadra, UX-3 III Soon Bardoon had bet on the winning side. More precisely, she hedged her bets both ways, but the way the odds worked out paid better. She'd retired from the Kuvexian Navy long before any hostilities with Yamatai, and, shrewdly, had divested her wealth from the Kuvexian...
  5. Ametheliana

    Kuvexian ST Tech?

    Some more information on Kuvexian ST would be highly appreciated! Currently all I know is that they can and do ST, but not much else. I don't want to ask too many leading questions, but some are nagging. Knowing if it's a vat of goo like Yamataians use or something different would be great...
  6. Andrew

    Andrew's Kuvexian Setting Submissions

    At the request of @Wes I have been working on content submissions for the Kuvexians. The articles will be in various stages of quality and approval, but I know that Wes is looking at getting as much of this content into circulation and in use by GMs that need it, so I will keep an ongoing list...