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open rp

  1. Wes

    [Yamatai] Hanami Festival & BBQ Cookout of YE 45 - OPEN RP

    The Hanami festival in downtown Kyoto was not just a celebration of the beauty of nature and the arrival of spring; it was also a testament to the resilience and unity of the people of Yamatai and their diverse allies. Amidst the stunning cherry blossoms, everyone came together to appreciate the...
  2. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 45)

    The Uesureyan Fortress was abuzz with the comings and goings of Star Army personnel, as it was both a military headquarters and a hub for new recruits. Inside the Star Army Recruiting Center, the atmosphere was one of excitement and anticipation, as aspiring soldiers waited for their chance to...
  3. Wes

    RP [OPEN RP] Love Day YE 45

    Kaiko Park, Kyoto, Yamatai YE 45.2.4 (Love Day) Today was the eight annual Love Day, a national holiday in Yamatai introduced in YE 37 by Imperial Premier Hanako (a senator at the time) to promote relationships and population growth among the people of the Empire. All over the Empire, people...
  4. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 44)

    In downtown Kyoto, there was an ancient, charred castle that stood out amongst its more modern neighbors. Built of car-sized blocks of stone, the hulking structure had weathered the destruction of the city and of Geshinopolis and the witness the birth of Kyoto. Covered in heavy guns and...
  5. Commissar Farzi

    RP Iron and Blood: Reactivated

    Armored Boots crunched across the dried dirt as the wind shifted the dust, heavy rifles panning across the landscape while others hefted broad, heavy shields as tall as they were, high caliber machine pistols at the ready. The dark blue and grey figures wore heavy suits of interlocking plates...
  6. Primitive Polygon

    RP [Open RP] Tales From The Pit

    Unaligned Space, Kikyo Grid Ref 1420, YE43 "Undertow" Star System Lights flickered in the cargo hold as the gravitational eddies increased, putting a strain on the retrofitted Courier 2B's durandium hull. The YSS Nocturne was supposed to be overkill against the local pirates of the claw nebula...
  7. Wes

    RP [OPEN RP] Candy Festival of YE 43

    Kyoto, Yamatai YE 43.8 Orange banners and lanterns lined the people-filled streets of Kyoto, shining in the cool, crisp autumn night in YE 43's eighth and penultimate month. Jack-o-lanterns flickered candlelight faces and shop windows were decorated with spider webs, skulls, and flying bats. It...
  8. Yuuki

    RP Sood Zadra

    Sood Zadra, UX-3 III Soon Bardoon had bet on the winning side. More precisely, she hedged her bets both ways, but the way the odds worked out paid better. She'd retired from the Kuvexian Navy long before any hostilities with Yamatai, and, shrewdly, had divested her wealth from the Kuvexian...
  9. demibear

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Career Counseling (YE 43)

    The "Star Army Career Counseling Program" was established by Taisho Ketsurui-Shinujuku late last year to help Star Army personnel have more control of their careers. But the first interviews had been delayed for various reasons until now, one of them being the lack of properly trained clerks to...
  10. Wes

    RP [Open RP] Welcome to The Kikyo Sector, Part 3 - Kyoto Summer

    The megacity of Kyoto, historically speaking, wasn't that old. But it still felt old, having been built as a direct replacement for another capital city in the same, and moreover it was heavily used and lived in by billions of people. Now, a new surge of people were joining the city, in the form...
  11. Wes

    RP Hanami Festival of YE 43

    Kyoto, Yamatai Warm spring breezes and the scent of spring flowers and nectar flowed through the streets of Kyoto, where people came out to the streets and parks to celebrate the new season beneath the cherry trees' pink, white, and Yamataian indigo blossoms. The sakura were symbolic of a fresh...
  12. Wes

    RP [Open RP] Welcome to The Kikyo Sector, Part 2 - Love Day YE 43

    Kyoto, Yamatai 14D 2M YE 43 Crowded streets looked like rivers of people in the streets of Yamatai's largest city, the capital of Kyoto, where residents, workers, tourists, visitors, and soldiers mingled in a unique space that was new, yet historic, traditional yet advanced, and perhaps...
  13. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 43)

    The Uesureyan Fortress was a black, hulking castle of a building that looked like it had been through hell, because it had. Its fire-blackened stone walls had witness the destruction of Geshrinopolis and the birth of the Kyoto Megacity around them, and had watched over Yamatai for generations as...
  14. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Summer Beach Party, YE 42 [Open RP]

    Temeridi Beach, Malifar YE 42 Yamatai was the sector's hub of trade, business, and population, but it had more to offer than just Kyoto. On the other side of the planet was Malifar, the jewel of a desert city. With Hanako's World still in the blue-skinned hands of the Kuvexian Enemy, the...
  15. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Third Battle of Nataria (YE 42) - OPEN RP

    Nataria Star System 4月 YE 42 The space around Nataria began to flicker with the shimmering of thousands and thousands of Kuvexian starships arriving from hyperspace fold jumps at the outskirts of the Star Army's second home, the military system of Nataria. The ships immediately began to launch...
  16. Yuuki

    RP [Yamatai] Unity Festival YE 42 – OPEN RP

    15日 3月 YE 42 Jiyuu-Jō, Tōkyō, Jiyuu III Jiyuu-Jō, so uniquely both a Star Army base and a private residence was open to the public for more than just the guided walking tours for those hoping to glimpse the grounds and interior of the personal palace of the Empress Taishō Ketsurui-Motoyoshi...
  17. Wes

    RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 42)

    At the edge of Kyoto's military district, where the white marble buildings of governmental Central Kyoto and the glassy skyscrapers of civilian East Kyoto met the blocky gray castle buildings and tall war-spires of military West Kyoto was a hulking fortress built out of its own rubble in YE 25...
  18. Wes

    Hanami Festival of YE 40

    OOC: Crossover time! This thread is open to all Star Army of Yamatai characters and other characters visiting Yamatai. Kyoto, Yamatai Spring YE 40 Around lunchtime A newly-arrived spring season greeted Yamatai's northern continents with warmer weather, marked by the prolific pink petals of...
  19. Pancakei

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Intermission

    Gemini Star Fortress Room 142 15日 9月 YE 39 12:30 PM The past few days had been a blurry mess for Anastasia. To start with, the most recent thing she solidly remembers was hitting a tree while landing in Komorebi. She assumes she made it to the ground, and someone found her, because the next...
  20. Readlliea

    RP (non-canon) Monsters on the ship

    A nervous sigh left Lawrence as he got on the ship, all he wanted was to get away from Neplesia, he was leaving this place behind. Truthfully, he didn't pay attention to what the ship was or it's real destination. He just wanted off the planet before...another episode happened. Keeping track of...