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  1. Miyako

    Yamatai News (YINN) Jiyuu Chooses Miu!

    Jiyuu III, Jiyuu-Jo YE 45.1 "-...thanks for that weather report, Mari. Well it may be a snowy day here in Kyoto, but things are looking hotter in the race for Premier! The capital planet of the MCS voted for a wide range of local, regional, and Empire-wide positions last night. The biggest...
  2. Locked_0ut

    SARP political theory time:

    I'm not doing anything else with my degree so might as well apply it to SARP. Soul Transfers (clones, robot armies, etc) actually increase the severity of wars. Basically, since you can't just cause the enemy enough pain on the battlefield or get the home front upset about lost loved ones to...
  3. Andrew

    Yamatai News (YINN) The Bellflower Party arrives on the political scene

    Kyoto, Yamatai Star Empire YINN Reporter - Miura Ayame Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Tetsuya held a press conference today to mark the birth of a new political party in mainstream Yamataian politics. The Bellflower Party, named after the symbol of Yamatai itself, is running on a platform of pro-imperial...
  4. Wes

    SANDRA Empress Decrees Special Election

    Kyoto, Yamatai--For the first time in her reign, Her Imperial Majesty Empress Himiko I of Yamatai has used her power of Imperial Decree to issue "Decree 20: Special Election for Imperial Premier," which specifies that the Yamatai Star Empire will hold a special Empire-wide election on the first...
  5. F

    Approved Submission International Currency Exchange Update

    Submission Type: Article Update Template Used: N/A Faction: Yamatai Star Empire Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Abwehran Star Empire Azorean Commonwealth Elysian Celestial Empire Freespacers Hidden Sun Clan Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth Kingdom of Neshaten Uso's Star Organization FM...
  6. F

    Yamatai News (YINN) Elysian Senate Fails to Agree on Budget

    Empyrean, Elysia Novus - For what is now the fourth year in a row, the Elysian Senate has failed to agree on a government budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This, according to our lead economic analyst Valdia Kiyomori, "will have drastic consequences for the entire [Elysian] economy" because...
  7. F

    International Currency Exchange Update

    Submission Type: Article Update Template Used: N/A Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Original Article URL...
  8. Edto Xar'Sivaree

    RP: 188604 A political meeting

    Komodo System This meeting, from an outside perspective, had not started out quite to plan. The VDTF seemed real skittish when the Yamataian Yacht entered their system, asking to land on the planet. This wasn't the first time a Yamataian Vessel had been on Komodo, but this was the first time...
  9. F

    Yamatai News (YINN) Cargo Ships Arrive After Further Delays

    Scrapyard - In what has been described by Senator Barachiel Valeria as a "travesty of [the Elysian] political system," the Amyna Fleet has finally received permission from the Senate to continue its mission - repairing the derelict Elysian starships in the Scrapyard system - after Senator...
  10. F

    Rejected Submission International Currency Exchange Update

    Submission Type: Article Update Template Used: N/A Submission WIP URL: Submission Destination URL: Original Article URL...
  11. F

    OOC [Elysia] Ascension

    It's Ascension Time! Who: Anyone who wants to participate in the (re)birth of the second-oldest faction. What: A political-themed plot with lots of planning and little combat. If you aren't into verbal sparring matches or debates, this plot probably isn't going to be very interesting for...
  12. F

    RP [Elysia] Ascension, Verse One: Reveille

    Maimakterion XVIII, MMMMX (18/10/4010) Empyrean, Elysia Novus Senatorial Office Complex VII:XIV a.m. (7:24 a.m.) Like many pivotal moments in history, it began with a simple message: an invitation - delivered to four individuals in the earliest hours of the eighteenth day of Maimakterion - to...
  13. F

    Approved Submission International Relations Update

    Submission Type: Article Update Submission URL: Linky Original Article URL: Linky Faction: All of them. FM Approved Yet? Nope. @Wes - Yamatai Star Empire @Gunhand4171 - Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia @Soresu - Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth @Primitive Polygon - Freespacers @Gunsight1 -...
  14. DocTomoe

    Laz Public Network [Lorath Matriarchy Encrypted] ATTN: Sky Marshall & Senate Subj: Goodbye.

    Communication Protocol: DATASS-v5.62-Encrypted Transmission Origin: Lor System – Comm Sat 8172 Certificate Code: ******************************************************** Verification Timestamp: YE39 : MO5 : D37 : H41 : M28 : S10 User Verification: ************** User ID: High Priest Velor...
  15. Ametheliana

    RP Chapter 4: Of Talk and Treaties

    Lady of the House Space Bukor 3, 942 14:00, Commonwealth Standard Time "Commander. We are detecting....signals from Azorea that aren't of Azorean make." Tam opened his eyes and looked up at the overhead holographic progection on the spectrometer. The dark haze of the bridge seemed to sweep...
  16. Ametheliana

    To: Heads of State

    To: Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai Taisho Ketsurui Yui Imperial Premier of Yamatai Ketsurui Yuumi Empress Vishta of the Gartagens Sky Marshal Gaelan Sanders of Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia Makuzhar Orin Suran of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth From: Aaki Loleth...
  17. Ametheliana

    RP Chapter 3: Of Space and Time

    Kyopelinvuori Sudran in System Azorea Aaki's Office Bukor 1, 942 9:56, Commonwealth Standard Time A holographic projection system had been set up in the center of Aaki's office for the discussion with the Freespacer AI, Cinereal, that would be negotiating with the Iromakuanhe diplomat, Aaki...
  18. Ametheliana

    RP Chapter 2: Of Land and Fire

    Kyopelinvuori Sudran in System Azorea Muna 30, 942 10:00, Commonwealth Standard Time Aaki looked over to Mahsa, who had just entered the room, and began to ask over the sound of rain hitting the grand windows of the office, "Tell me, what do you think of—" The light of the elevator flashed...
  19. Ametheliana

    RP Chapter 1: Of Air and Water

    Kyopelinvuori Sudran in System Azorea Muna 29, 942 14:00, Commonwealth Standard Time There was a silence only permeated by the sound of rain drops being flung against the outside of the building as Aaki Loleth rubbed her finger against the armrest of the seat she was in. The room had an edge of...
  20. Wes

    Chat Rules

    Currently "hot button" topics are not allowed in the chatroom because users tend to turn into buttheads when they start discussing them, and it tends to result in people becoming angry with nobody's opinions actually changed. However, there is a segment of our users who wants to allow that sort...