• 📅 November 2022 is YE 44.8 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.


  1. D

    RP [RJFV Tuat'la] Brave new Dawn

    The RJFV Tuat'la. Ah, what a wonderful ship. WIth the hum of it's fusion reactors, some may consider it primitive, others, a new adventure waiting to be discovered. Nonetheless, all was quiet onboard the ship, as people went about their daily routines. The new transfers from the Yamatai-Random Alien...
  2. HarperMadi

    A guiding hand

    FROM: Chui Aliset Koun, Helmsman, YSS Koun, First Fleet TO: Qrr'ti Yulata ti Isthat ka Was'at, diplomat, RJFV Tuat'La CC: SUBJECT: A Request for Guidance MESSAGE: Yulata, Thank you for your understanding during the... Unorthodox first contact between our governments. I couldn't help but...