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  1. raz

    SACN Gashmere Orbital Attack

    ᴇɴᴄʀʏᴘᴛɪᴏɴ ɪɴɪᴛɪᴀʟɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴇɴɢᴀɢᴇᴅ - ꜱᴀᴄɴ From: Shosho Iekami Ranmaru, Yamataian Operational Military Intelligence To: Taisho Ketsurui Yui (@Wes) Cc: Star Army Command, Star Army Operations, sector.admiralty.secure, cmdr.ftnozomi.secure Bcc: SAINT.astdirectors.secure This is a highest priority...
  2. Ametheliana

    OOC Kaiyō: Task Force 282 Discussion

    Spearheaded by the warship YSS Kaiyō II, Task Force 282 was formed in YE 44 following a need for autonomous clandestine operations to investigate threats to Yamatai. Working during a time of post-war chaos and conflict, Task Force 282 can function outside of the normal theater of operations and...
  3. Ametheliana

    RP [YSS Kōun] Pre-Mission One: Firmly Firmware

    YSS Koun Ready Room YE 44.6.9 Alastair had to wave a hand to make all the babes leave his ready room, but they did at the captain's delicate motion. Though they had lived much of their lives as fettered courtesans in an alternate universe, Alastair Belmont and the crew of the YSS Kaiyō II's...
  4. Ethereal

    SACN Cordial Discussion

    TO: SAINT Command, Vicky CC: Star Army Command, Kyoto, Planet Yamatai FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Chair, SASO Command, Valentine To whom it may concern, Forgive me that I can't give this message a direct recipient as I'm unsure of the current leadership of SAINT. Following the recent...
  5. Ametheliana

    RP [OPEN RP] SAINT: We Know Stuff

    Vicky SAINT Headquarters YE 44.5.12 Among the uncounted data centers and processing rooms that made up much of the labyrinthine underground installation that served as Star Army Intelligence's primary nerve center, one particular place was more secret than most others in the Empire. At the...
  6. Ametheliana

    RP [OPEN RP] SAINT: Soul Transferred

    ((To RP in this thread you do not have to have an approved character, you do not have to ask me to join. This is an Open Roleplaying thread I am GMing. Just post a black panel and I am happy.

 Character Requirements: No minimum rank, Shosa is max rank, Star Army SAINT personnel only (analysts...
  7. Ametheliana

    RP [SAINT] Reap what you 清楚

    "Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back." -Nekovalkryja saying Yamatai Kyoto A sunset red like blood oranges set over Kyoto and burned crimson reflections off the Ketsurui River's pulsing flow. It was an unseasonably chilly evening and fog crept in around skyscrapers and...
  8. raz

    SACN [SAINT] Active Assets Report (YE 43)

    From: Office of the Director, Star Army Intelligence To: Internal Investigations Service, Executive Intelligence Directorate Bcc: SAINT.all.secure; Taisho Ketsurui Yui (@Wes) 1. All commands, squadrons, field stations, and operatives are ordered to report their current operational status and/or...
  9. raz

    Approved Submission Star Army Occupation Update: Intelligence Officer > Intelligence Analyst

    The current Intelligence Officer occupation was too skimpy and generalist to translate into the Star Army's new occupation template. Had some time to sit down and think about things for a while, so made this. The occupation is now called "Intelligence Analyst" to avoid confusion with regard to...
  10. Rizzo

    Abandoned Submission M2-i Shadow Mindy Refit

    So here it is. Talked about for years and even illustrated, the elusive Shadow Mindy has arrived! A few things I want to mention. First, this is not a new PA. Rather, it is a refit package for the M2-2D and M2-4. I ignored the M2-3 due it not really being mainstream. Also, the Daisy is not...
  11. raz

    Special Operations in Yamatai: A Guide & Discussion

    So I was sitting around earlier this month and was thinking about special operations stuff in Yamatai and how I'll often see people unaware of the current status of specialized units within the Star Army. My initial idea was to simply make a thread and put the information there, but I realized...
  12. raz

    RP [YSS Kōkatsu] All of Our Vices

    Empress' Palace Kyoto, Yamatai Even after the order of Ketsurui Samurai had been separated from Star Army service and their duties scaled back, the Fukei Tokuko had seldom seen ceremonial duty at the palace. Standing sentry in ornately decorated hallways was beneath the wizened Nekovalkyrja's...
  13. Glein

    Wishing to clarify organization roles

    Okay, so I just want to voice this question I have aloud, and in a place that can be seen/referred to at a later date. And that is I'm wanting to be sure I'm aware of what two organizations in Yamatai are specifically for, and what kind of things they are expected to perform. This was a...
  14. Andrew

    SYNC To:Blues Arnoul From:Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko - Invitation

    To: Blues Arnoul BCC: SAINT, Operation Sunflower, Taisho Ketsurui Yui From: Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko SAoY SCAN Level Encryption Has Been Added To This Message Mr.Arnoul, it has been a long time. I have been informed by a mutual friend that your services are an asset. I am requesting that...
  15. Rizzo

    SACN SAINT Recommendation, Wyatt Alder

    To: Nakaide Shida-Taisho From: Candon Suites-Ittô Heisho In the past month I have been mentoring a SAINT applicant, a fellow Ittô Heisho named Wyatt Alder that I met on the Kaito II. He is a fine marksman as well as a swordsman with a solid understanding of how to navigate a conflict. More...
  16. Rizzo

    SACN Possible Terror Threat, OHI

    To: Yamatai Department of Commerce and Trade From: Candon Suites Ittô Heisho, SAINT Subject: Osman Heavy Industries, Business License Greetings DoCT, This message is in regards to the recent approval of a business registration to Osman Heavy Industries and their ties to an incedent that...
  17. raz

    SACN [SAINT] Emergency Action

    From: Field Division, Strategic Initiatives Network, Star Army Intelligence To: Designated Operative [Candon Howard Suites] FLASH: REPORT CURRENT SITUATION. YSS UNKNOWN SKIES INBOUND. TOKUTENKU RELIEF 30分. Authorized by: //DESIGNATED WATCH COMMANDER// XX日XX月YE39, 0116 Yamatai Time Strategic...
  18. raz

    SACN [SAINT] All Active Assets Report

    From: Office of the Director, Star Army Intelligence To: Internal Investigations Service, Executive Intelligence Directorate Bcc: SAINT.all.secure; Taisho Ketsurui Yui 1. All commands, squadrons, field stations, and operatives must report their current operational status before 1日2月YE40...
  19. Kim

    Interest Check [SAINT] ISC Lindorm

    https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=stararmy:isc_lindorm So I'm deciding to start up an undercover secret agent plot to investigate the PACT and ONI. I want to be able to keep the plot uncensored so what might happen is if I have under 18 interest, there would be a 18+ series of posts and...
  20. Ametheliana

    Interest Check SAINT SOFT Trainer Needed

    On YSS Kaiyō I want to have a SOFT have a mission to operate by but first need a trainer. I need someone to hold a training JP with their SAINT character and to post intermittently in an SP thread. I expect three posts maximum in that thread unless things go South! The player that can do this...