• 📅 February and March 2022 are YE 45.2 in the RP.


  1. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Rikugun Kamirakurai

    Originally going to be a SASO force but once again split out into being a Rikugun MOS. Shock troopers / armored breakthrough. Think DOOM-guy catgirls. @demibear
  2. Ethereal

    RP Concluded God's Lightning Forms

    Star Army Special Operations Headquarters, Fort Shizuka, Valentine, Virgo Defence Sector YE 44.5 Iemochi Feyani stood silently in the warm sunshine of Valentine, home of Star Army Special Operations. As of late, SASO had been moving to cover a more cerebral role than originally intended. While...
  3. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Border Guards

    Part 2 of the Ranger restructure. Turning the Garrison Regiment into a proper MOS with its own page, separate from the others and designated to Fourth Fleet. Therefore, also doing my job as manager of Fourth Fleet insofar as border protection being a key part of their duties. Two birds with...
  4. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Rikugun Rangers

    As part of the reorganisation I'm doing to split up the current Star Army Rangers and their regiments into their own MOS' under conventional commands. Nothing new here really, just a change of organisation and giving the old "Commando" Regiment their own MOS. Putting this part of the Rangers...
  5. Ethereal

    SACN Cordial Discussion

    TO: SAINT Command, Vicky CC: Star Army Command, Kyoto, Planet Yamatai FROM: Chujo Iemochi Feyani, Chair, SASO Command, Valentine To whom it may concern, Forgive me that I can't give this message a direct recipient as I'm unsure of the current leadership of SAINT. Following the recent...
  6. Ethereal

    SACN: Orders Hanako's World: Unifiers

    FROM: Star Army Special Operations TO: 225th Batallion, Unconventional Regiment, Star Army Rangers, Star Army Reconnaissance You are hereby ordered to insert into Hanako's World and embed in the civilian population. Execute standard protocol of linking resistances to Star Army channels...
  7. Ethereal

    SYNC SASO Split

    SASO Command, You may have noticed recently that our mandate and business have organically expanded over the past year or two. While SASO was originally designed for solely managing the training and operations of Special Forces in the Star Army, this is no longer fully the case. SASO has...
  8. Ethereal

    SYNC [SASO] MOS Cover

    FROM: Star Army Special Operations Command, Valentine TO: Star Army Personnel Command, Kyoto, Yamatai Taisho Ketsurui Hanako, It occurs to me that there isn't a specific, unified MOS or budget that currently exists for SASO to use as a catchall for our teams. An example of this is our TANTO...
  9. Ethereal

    SYNC SASO to Resurgence

    YSS Resurgence (IRN NG-S1-575) TO: Shosa Aoba Kuranosuke, Taii Suzuki Akira, Chui Ketsurui Koyama The following items have been made available to Operatives attached aboard your ship to assist with your operational flexibility. Please feel free to requisition any of them from the nearest Star...
  10. Ethereal

    Approved Submission Star Army Special Operations

    @demibear and I have been chatting about this for a little while. Essentially, there's some redundancy in the management inside corps, and hangovers from past iterations of special forces in the SAOY that still exist. Also, special forces are often run by corps that generally should be focusing...