Star Army

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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

yss artemis

  1. Glein

    RP [YSS Artemis O1M0] Let the Rivalry Begin

    Ghost Star Fortress [NK-X1-02] Docking Bay One Nataria YSS Artemis Deck 6 - VR Chamber The environment was a simulated mixed collection of various jungles from across the Star Empire, the humidity high and oppressive, even as the temperature guages on the Infantry's Daisy's showed the...
  2. SchererSoban

    Approved Character YSS Artemis, Eric Nabeel

    So here is my new character Eric Nabeel who is going to be assigned to the new YSS Artemis plot. Eric Nabeel can find him here :) Hope this works and is ok.
  3. Glein

    RP [YSS Artemis O1E0] Welcome to the Web

    Ghost Star Fortress [NK-X1-02] Docking Bay One Nataria YSS Artemis Bridge 2 Weeks late. That's how far behind the operation was. It wasn't the planner's fault though. When the plans were made, the Artemis was in a fighting state. However, between when the Operation was green lit to begin...