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100 Days of Making Comics

Hey - My friend Yuuki suggested I post here, because there might be people who were interested in getting some character art, or comic pages done for commission.

I figure the best thing to do would be to introduce myself, and then share my current project -- which is an Alice in Wonderland NSFW comic called "Alice Slays the Jabberwock."

I'm doing the project in a daily challenge format, and if you want to follow along for free, you can go subscribe on my Youtube Channel. A majority of my artwork is available for free, scattered over the nets, but these days I run a tight ship, and mostly paywall with the exception of promotional posts for campaigns, steemit to share my latest video of the day, a few different discords, and my youtube channel.

I'll include your discord art section in my daily video share outreach, so you can check out what I'm doing. That will be an easy share for me.

Here are a few images for you -- I'll share the video links on the discord each day when I complete them.