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New Character (Plot) [13th Precinct] Karakuri


Name: Karakuri
Species/Gender: Male Cyborg
Date of Birth: YE 20
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Space Marine
Rank: Ensign
Preferred Plots: [13th Precinct]

Physical Description: A metallic silver, heavily augmented Space Marine with red eyes. (See user avatar for picture)

Personality: A cold and calculating cyborg, Karakuri is no longer human in many ways, both physically and psychologically. He follows orders without question, and analyzes them thoroughly so he can carry them out efficiently. Karakuri rarely socializes unless it's relevant to or neccessary for his mission. If he does socialize, he comes across as a cold engine of logic. There's a rumor that his brain was cybernetically altered by the Marines against his will, but this hasn't been confirmed.

History: Born in YE 20 on Nepleslia, Karakuri was a pilot in training until an accident in space left him injured and lost. He was discovered by Nepleslian scouts, and taken back to the military for recovery. The Space Marines thought it more worthwhile that they rebuild him into a marine of their own, and cutting-edge cybernetics development led to his reconstruction into what he is today. Excelling in combat, he rose to become an Ensign.

Skills Learned: Rogue, Fighting, Knowledge, Technology Operation, Communications, Maintenance/Repair, Vehicles.
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Alex Hart

Well-Known Member
One thing to mention, don't worry about it too much, since a lot of people make this mistake, but Earth has been long forgotten. It might work better if he was from somewhere in Nepleslia, as this is a Nepleslian plot.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Hey hey! Glad to see some interest and a char right off the bat!

Im a wee bit busy today but ill find the time to throw out some quick notes and help ye get ye char on the wiki so he has a permenant place to live on the wiki and a place for edits and what not. Promise ill get around to em today and glad to see em here!

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master

Ive taken the liberty of making a wiki page for karakuri. This is his permenat home on the wiki and where you can make changes to him as hegets experiences, skills, history, inventory stuff, etc.

Link here <----

This is where we'll make any changes to the character in the little approval process to get him into RP. I believe wes recommended making a wiki account and its very easy to edit a wiki page. If you feel as though for some reason you cant or dont want to just let me know and ill make the edits for you.

Now, As GM and you are a new player its not so much my job to go out and tell you to read anything on the wiki but just where to make touchups and possible replacements. We'll do that now.

Alex already pointed out there is no earth in setting. Its long since been lost to us and the andals of time so its no biggie. As a cyborg and a heavily modded one at that he likely grew up on planet nepleslia itself. You can have that, Or just one of its cities like Funky city, Roger wilco, Etc.

As you are submitting him for a civilian SWAT plot he wont be a marine but can have been in the NSN (Nepleslian Star navy) if he was a pilot or jsut outright in the NSMC (Nepleslian space marine corps) in the past. The NSMC doesnt illegally mod anyone against their will and only ever actually gives out cybernetics on the loss of a limb or body part. Karakuri may have gotten a horrible injury that didnt kill him (Most marines have what is called a brain spider. It essentially saves the brain upon death and if in tact is put in a clone body so he likely didnt lose his whole body) or, Like one of my characters i have, Just simply chose to spend most of his pay on getting cybernetic upgrades.

The branches also arent too big in the habit of stealing bodies. Nepleslia is corrupt and gritty and dark but our medical technology and cadre in the military are good enough that he would, If found alive, Eventually been returned to the navy unless he personally wanted to transfer to the NSMC. His rank wouldnt be ensign or a marine equivalent lieutenant right off the bat but closer to a private first class in the marines or a crewman in the NSN.

If you are adamant about being a marine however i do have a marine plot he could fit in but requires you be over the age of 18 due to rather graphic content.

His description could also use just a wee bit of fluff to it. Your avatar is a good description but because we dont allow outside images not drawn by the user or comissioned by them to an artist anyone who wants to interact with karakuri wont really get a good idea of what he looks like. Think of how you might describe him in more detail to an artist that would draw him, And it doesnt have to be an entire story, Just something simple.

And finally he could use a full name. Karakuri can be his first or last name or even his nickname or callsign but at least in nepleslia people are born with full names.

The breakdown and TL:DR of what you'll need are here:
A bit more description.
Will he be joining the plot you wanted (Police, SWAT) or do you want him to be in a different, Marine plot. (Requires you be over the age of 18).
His rank if police would be Field Grade 1. In the NSMC it would be Private First Class.
A bit of touchup on the history to what hes going to be, Be it marine or officer.

Its easy to make a wiki account and edit the article. But please let me know if you have difficulty with this and we'll work through it and dont be afraid to ask questions here. Character reviews arent lengthy at all and are there to help you. Also feel free to look up any words or things ive said on the wiki like NSMC, NSN, etc. And i guarentee you'll find some pages linked to them, If not, And you arent required to but i reccomend you read anything that piques your interest in regards to the nepleslian faction.


The wiki doesn't let me register, calling either my username or e-mail "spammy." Whatever the heck that's supposed to mean. In order to do these edits I'll need someone to look into this. Thanks!

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Then i will ping the master of such measures who controls things like that i think in the form of @Wes who i swear has fixed stuff like that in the past i think i recall.