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[13th Precinct] Monster Factory

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
RP Date
Ye: 41
RP Location
Roger Wilco City
3,553rd United Church Of De'mon

The massive blood red double doors of the church loomed ominously at the top flight of over a hundred stairs that lead up to the almost massive cathedral that dominated the block and demanded the attention of all who passed it in a gaudy display of looming spiral towers and an odd, Very un-nepleslian way of forgoing the typical metal construction of its walls in favor of things like stone and concrete.

Atop its massive stairs and into its great congregation halls the targets casually mounted the stairs and entered the cathedral in small groups. Dark crimson robes hid their visages behind thick cloth hoods as they flooded into their church in the twos and threes until the last of almost thirty had passed through its now closed doors.

Across the street, A nearby apartment complex had been secretly rented out and transactions had been paid through money orders and never face to face. Its occupants never entering through its street doors, And instead always through a rear entrance down an alley and off the main street so as not to be seen and blown their cover.
For three hours the DTR team of the 13th precinct hadn't left the confines of the three story, Nine unit complex. Waiting, Watching, The opportune moment to strike.
And the day had finally come as the group before them hustled into the church.

For weeks before then and even now a half dozen officers had staked out the church following a series of disappearances and assaults around the 3,553rd United had gotten the attention of the NPF. A bout of fine detective work had eventually narrowed down the suspects until, Finally, The right palms had been greased or broken and the names narrowed down to four individuals whose only connections to one another was the very church on the block of the very attacks and kidnappings.

The team had been on standby for almost two weeks as the church was observed. Routines and habits, Guard numbers and rotations had all been cataloged and put into dossiers. But time had run out as, Just hours ago four young teenagers had been abducted in the twilight hours just a block away and where suspected to be inside undergoing who knew what. The time for action had come.

"Listen up, Kuznyetski." The lead detective grunted at the Kuz lieutenant occupying a chair in one corner of the room looking rather bored as he casually spit sunflower seeds into a dirty pile nearby. "This is my show, Got it? Your door kickers dont so much as act until i give them the go ahead, So keep them off my ass."

The Kuznyetski lieutenant grinned a less than trustworthy grin as the detective started for the door, The holster on his HHG unclasped and three senior grade field officers trailing behind him as escort.
"So? Everyone be getting their bathroom breaks, yes?" He joked with the team as he slid on the balaclava and helmate of his HRRT suit and casually clipped his cqbs-a2 to its sling and casually kicked his chair over as he stood, Stretching and popping his back. "If you are having the second thoughts now would be the time to back out, Right lily?"

The gunhund barked a playful bark, Her tail wagging energetically despite the bulky Malthe armor she was kitted out with.
"Good girl, Thats right!" The kuz scritch-scratched the gunhunds neck before looking expectantly at the team. "I hope you all remember why we're here today, yes?"

Tetra-Group Labs. 3 blocks west.

Just west of the great cathedral, A less gothic part of the precinct lay in general disarray. Entire streets worth of abandoned and boarded up warehouses sprawled endlessly in the start of roger wilco's industrial districts meant for export and import lay closed and dormant to all but the seeder side of nepleslian culture of squatters and vagrants.

Some, However, Still lay in some form of activity as gangs and less than legal organizations operated outside of the public eye to avoid scrutiny and the ever vigilant watch of the NPF.

One of these very warehouses was host to such an organization as Salem Fowler had learned as he was omitted by a shady thug through the side doors of one of the warehouses. He was expected the guard had been told before hand, And in typical syndicate fashion the man knew better than to question anyone who knew to use the side door. When in reality a series of bribes and tips had lead the former NPF officer turned bounty-hunter turned freelancer to the tetra-groups obviously less than legal activities in the area.

The warehouse interior was nothing like its based outside as boarded up windows and a sheet metal roof hid a sanitary interior in the open floor warehouse as plastic medical tents where set up in a loose tent city, Transparent material showing a scene of teal figures in scrubs and medical masks leaning over operating tables and strange capsule like machines with their occupants obscured from the distortion of the thick plastic.

The path opened before him into the tent city, Allowing him entrance as many of the guards simple followed their training and avoided asking any questions and simply acted to protect from exterior threats less than the interior.

So long as he didnt draw attention he could hypothetically remain overlooked in his investigation into the recent disappearances plaguing the precinct. The NPF had no clue and usually refused to enter such syndicate controlled areas these days anyway. It was up to him to find the truth and set things right behind the clearly shady and illegal activities of the lesser known syndicate backed pharmaceutical group...



Redshirt on the Wire
Game Master
Apartment Overlooking 3,553rd United Church Of De'mon

Flannery was unusually quiet during the entire wait, having gotten her gear and sat crouched against the wall with her CABS-A2. The entire situation was not sitting well with her. Kids going missing, being dragged to some abandoned church, and having who knows what happen to them while she sat across the street from them unable to do anything about it. She wanted to throttle the detective and break down the doors of church to save them, but she couldn't afford to act brash about the matter.

She simply let out a "tsk" to the detective's demands as her restless leg started acting up. She wanted to reach for a pack of smokes but she'd already promised friends back home she'd quit and she was only a few days left from a year cold turkey.


FM of S6
Game Master
Apartment Overlooking 3,553rd United Church Of De'mon

Takeshi had listened intently to the briefing, offering a few nods and sounds of approval from her spot at the back of the room, standing there with the Halfhorn nestled across the mosty flat chest of her HRRT suit - Takeshi did her job, but she was never really the loudest person in the room, so answered with a quiet yet clear "Of course, Sir," before moving across to one of the unused tables in the room. There was a slight struggle before the arms of her suit seemed noticeably tighter and the metal table decided to co-operate, being dragged over to a window and her beloved rifle being rested atop it.

The halfbreed with her strange accent carefully brushed the curtains aside slightly and opened the window up just a crack, humming an quiet Kuznyetski tune under her breath as one glove was removed to expose the synthetic blue muscle beneath, rifle's bipod being set up carefully though the young DTR officer was careful to make sure herself and her tool of the trade were still wreathed in shadows for the most part - movies always got it wrong and to be fair, she got it wrong too when she was younger, why the hell would a sniper poke their barrel out the window unless they wanted to be seen anyway?

Takeshi moved to carefully lock her rifle open and sort through her vest of magazines, stripping a few bullets out of a magazine before replacing them with red-tipped polymer rounds, she'd have to throw some cheap ammo through the Halfhorn after this misson to keep it lean but why not let it indulge just his one time? She dragged a seat over too and sat herself down before powering up the fancy new scope atop her rifle, letting it calibrate distances and take various environmental readings before the weapon's reticule popped into existence.

"Officer Yeon, good to go~" Takeshi whispered into her comms, chambering a round and letting her rifle's slide close with a satisfying click of perfectly-maintained internals working together, a small huff from the young officer.


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master

Haisely Goenkof, the newest member on the team, and certainly the least battle ready looking one of the bunch sat in her fancy dandy swivel chair leaning back with feet propped up on the desk. Unlike the rest of them she simply had plain clothes on, the same old style she always wore of beanies, hoodies and tank tops, since her role was supposed to be non-combat she didn't bother working at a desk in body armour. Spinning in a 360 she pulled herself in towards the desk a little more and tapped away at a couple of keyboards, while she didn't really need 3 keyboards and 4 screens it did provide some advantages, such as being able to discreetly stream her favourite tv series to one of them without anyone picking up just yet.

"Alright, all the cams around this place are up and running, no signs anyone has tried to play me a looped feed in any of them either so cover isn't jeopardised." The punkish, yet small girl said with a bored tone as she fished a candy bar out of one pocket and absent-mindedly began to munch away on it while sending all the cam feeds to one of her screens and bringing up various other bits of random visual info on the remaining two. "Nothing on the perimeter sensors here either, want me to go after their comms or cams if they have any in there yet?" Haisely asked raising an eyebrow as she looked at her boss. The girl so badly wanted to be plugged into her digital world just enjoying herself right now but of course they told her she had to work from the real world, for now at least, one of these days she promised herself she'd be controlling combat drones from her backstage lounge eating fake popcorn and playing rock music.


Active Member
Apartment Overlooking 3,553rd United Church Of De'mon

For the thousandth time, David checked all of his equipment ensuring everything would be right where he expected it to be and would work in a pinch. He almost compulsively kept rearranging it both in his pack and on his person, intent on getting the weight distribution perfect. Eventually content, at least for the next 15 minutes, he tightened everything down to cut out excess noise and to keep himself from being snagged on something.

Everything in order, David sat against the wall and tried to relax. Waiting is always the worst part, especially with how excruciatingly long this one's been. When it actually came time for the show to start most everything would be muscle memory, but that didn't keep him from worrying about the small things.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

Submissions Reviewer
FM of Nepleslia
Game Master

The church entrance itself was up an arduous flight of over a hundred steps that the team had to scale behind a slow and panting detective before they reached the top. With Yeon on overwatch and the new team appointed techie who had been ordered to "See if theres anything currently seeing" by her new heavily accented Kuz boss they made their way to the top with the detective and his two entourage to stand before the massive iron banded doors whose imposing nature seemed much more up close.

Six massive basalt pillars lined the enterance way and dying potted plants filled to the brim with discarded cigarette butts caught the eye as behind them more than one civilian had stopped to gawk and record the small group of officers as something interesting entered their lives before a plainclothes officer would drift next to them and quickly threaten them to continue on their way.

All of this and more was easily in Yeons scope as the world opened up before her and was fed from her suits optics to both the new operator and the teams feeds. They where even able to see from her POV the two guards at the doorway who took precautionary steps forward to block the officers paths with unconcealed ZARCNAM assault rifles held loosely against ballistic vests and shoddy quality riot helmets purchased from some old militaria from the civil war.

They didnt show any signs of open hostility towards the team but still blocked their path and showed no signs of allowing them to pass as one visibly flicked the fire selector on his ZARCNAM while the other whispered into his data jockey, His own rifle held at the ready with one hand.

"Sermons in session, Fuck off." The first good spat, Literally as a glob of flem hit near the detectives feet getting him a glower in return.

Behind the two mercenaries a loud Thud was head as the massive doors cracked open and half a hooded face and more importantly another gun barrel pointed through at them...


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master

Haisely continued to twist and turn on her chair in a rather bored manner, as instructed however she did continue to operate as she was paid to do. With a yawn the pink haired punk moved the feeds from the team to another monitor and finally switched off her tv show, it was probably a good time to get serious now.

Haisely looked over the view from their sniper's POV and figured if there was anything important to report she'd probably do it herself, which saved Haisely the extra effort of keeping an eye on that one, at least for now. Glancing at the timer she always kept running simply out of habbit the girl chewed her lower lip thoughtfully, it was about time to go poke the neighbor's internet security. "Still can't see any movements around the outside of this place, gonna go poke em and see what I'm dealing with since no one would let me poke it earlier." The slight twinge of annoyance in her voice was fairly obvious at not being allowed to test the waters before the actual operation began but she'd get over it eventually.

After informing the team of her own movements she brought up her favorite displays and set to work. No matter what hacker or IT specialist you asked they'd all tell you the same thing, "You can't just boot up a window and see all the nearest hackable objects on a map and choose your target." Haisely would agree with that as well, but only at the base level, it was nothing fancy but in her spare time over the last several years of her life the punkish girl had managed to make a rudimentary "Tech Map" which simply found any network-enabled devices nearby and displayed them on a 2D map for her ease of access. After a quick once over it looked like they did indeed have a camera network inside the temple, thing, but only its central unit was connected to their network. There was a couple other basic things that weren't of interest like Samsung smart fridges or coffee machines that could make a shopping list all by themselves.

"Hey, rifle girl you hear me? If so, keep an eye for any sudden movements, I'm bouta try let myself into their wifi." Haisely called out lazily as she slipped on her headphones and got comfy. The outer level security was all pretty standard stuff, no issues there, it was the deeper levels where it got interesting and any other tech-head could tell you that someone didn't want anyone else to snoop around with security like what she was currently looking at. Unlike her famous speed hacks for making money, the pink haired hacker took her time and checked everything thoroughly as she went, being careful to avoid leaving a huge digital trail back to their hiding spot but there was no way to know if it was working other than waiting to see if an alarm was rung.

After a few painstaking minutes Haisely got most of the way in and stopped, this was where it got the most dangerous, though everything appeared no different to the stuff before it there would always be hidden traps. "Almost there." She whispered to herself, holding her breath on the final layer before finally breaking through with a sharp exhale as she waiting for the lights and sirens to kick the party into overdrive. When nothing happened within a minute she decided it was likely nothing would. First on her to-do list was visual access, piloting her way through the network with ease Haisely found the central unit and sent the camera feeds from inside the, place... thing, to her final monitor and watched. "Heads up, that hoodie wearing freak in the door has at least one buddy out of sight back there. Sending you all the cameras that are facing the doors for now." With a swish and flick there was 2 new windows on the HUD's of the team sat beside the original from Takeshi, both new views faced the opposite side of the doors they had arrived at showing a courtyard beyond the great hulking masses of obstacle.