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RP [13th Precinct] The Beast Who Cleans These Streets.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
RP Date
RP Location
Roger Wilco City - 13th Precicnt.
Deep within the bleak and junker filled sewers of Roger-Wilco city, hidden beneath its never-ending labyrinth of dark and disorienting and mutant coveted pipeways lays headquarters of the most sinister and union mandated super crime collective of the city; The "Masters of Evil Acts unLimited", or as they are commonly abbreviated; MEARL.

Here, Ten of the most unironically self-involved criminal masterminds loosely align forces for the purpose of evil and against the powers of good.

The cold-hearted pre-packaged ice mogul Black Ice.
The maddeningly complex and inquisitive Questionaire.
The tiny seductress who makes up her small size with big plans, the mini-neko Innie-Meanie And her partner in crime The Kodian.
The mysterious cloaked and silent masked freespacer The Harlequin.
Also including the unwashed and illiterate mutant Bors.
The femme fatal and punk lead of the Backstreet SOl's, Gillie and her lieutenant Bigger Al.
nd not to mention Jack Knife.

All lead by the evil mastermind and mastered genius that is Michael StrongBraun.

This group, Holding Roger Wilco in its grasp will stop at nothing to-

A viewing screen paused in the large ready-room of the underground basement level home of the 13th Precincts DTR teams. Almost slowly and methodically a hand trailed up to the Kuznyetski lieutenants face to pinch the bridge of his nose in almost comical annoyance before letting out a simple sigh as if he frankly couldn't believe what he was seeing while the screen paused of the silhouettes of several individuals whose faces were obscured by conveniently poor lighting.

"Are there..." He started to the assembled DTR officers before pausing, already knowing the answer to the question are there any questions. Before simply waving one hand in a get on with it a motion to any of the millions of possible questions as to what they had all just seen from the recording that had showed up in an unmarked envelope on the precinct commissioners desk that had made its way down as an outright challenge against the precinct and its officers to the point where the man had made a show of personally involving the resources of the precinct, primarily the now under-staffed DTR teams with the casualties from the illegal syndicate mutant labs to in not so subtle an order to "find them and drag them back here by whatever left. you have ten hours, Andrej"

And that had been two hours ago before the team had been assembled including some of its newer members who had arrived that very day only to be shoved into a briefing on what clearly had to be a joke or publicity stunt of some kind. Regardless the Kuz officer rested a hand on the head of the always excited Lily the gunhund who was always so eager to spend time with so many frequent faces of the team.

"Are there being any of the questions? Just... Just ask of them already so we can get this one done, ye?"

@club24 @SirSkully @SirSPT @Karakuri @EhWha @HG Morrison @Randumb its time to FIGHT SUPERVILLANOUS CRIME


Everything Is Magical
Haisely blew a strand of hair out of her face and slightly un-slumped herself at the back of the room

"Can I go home yet?"

The hacker wasn't interested in stupid games and showing off like that, some would say its hypocritical of her since she had her online following, to those people she would usually raise her middle finger. There was a big fucking difference between being good at something and putting on a show for her own fans than putting out some cheap video to people who didn't even know you. After the last case, she'd gotten a feel for what this team usually did and how it operated, through working with others was always a pain in the neck, so many extra things to go sideways.

Those mutants had just been so much fun to deal with she was positively ecstatic for the task of tracking down a bunch of clowns who were probably actual crimelords driven mad with boredom who decided to make a fan film. The pink haired girl tugged her beanie on a little more, almost obscuring her bright golden cat's eyes but still leaving enough room to make eye contact when she scowled at whoever would be next.


Gary had sat himself in one of the many chairs, resting his good arm on the desk in the middle "Yeah, this... this looks worse than those cartoons I watched as a kid." he added "Is this really what we should be focusing on?"

He scanned the room with his eyes for a moment, his tired gaze looking over each of his new teammates, then back at the boss "I mean, is there really nobody else that can do this? It's probably just some idiot teenagers with too much time on their hands."


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
Takeshi had herself seated up on the back of a nearby chair, one athletic leg bent up to rest on the part you were usually supposed to sit on as the other extended down to the ground, saving the young halfbreed from needing to manage her balance too much - resting over one shoulder and down the length of that same arm was a mean-looking levergun that she'd opted to use while her favourite rifle remained in some state of disassembly in the 13th precinct's armoury, young officer Yeon quietly quad-loading ammunition into the weapon's body with slick, clearly practiced precision... she was the team's marksman afterall and somewhat of a competition shooter in her downtime, having a few three-gun medals sitting behind a glass cabinet back home.

"Bigger Al sounds familiar... was he one of the~ how do I put this," she went silent for a moment, lightly accented words ceasing with a momentary pause.

"Brawlers I suppose? that we needed to deal with when the precinct was attacked recently?" Takeshi sought clarification on as she thumbed between a few loose nickel-plated cartridges in the pocket of her slim-fit cargo pants, trying to decide what to load into her weapon's chamber with a small frown of indecision.


Redshirt on the Wire
Game Master
"Yeah, I think I turned some of his teeth into dust..." Flannery said inbetween biting her thumb in both contemplation and confusion on what she just saw. It was also to distract from the smokes she'd been craving for weeks now. What happened to good old fashion gang crimes where you sent your death threats to the police with bullets and bodybags? Why does everyone need some edgy nickname and dumb cartoon persona to get anything done?

The pain in her thumb caused her to relent the line of thought along with biting her finger for now. She folded her arms and leaned back in her seat. Spandex tights or not, she was content as seeing them as the criminals they are.

"...Or was that Smaller Al?"

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
"Can I go home yet?"

"You can be goings home when you find out how THIS" A series of button pushes brought up some of the precinct interior cameras with the main office-spaces for the detectives and the precinct commissioners office in the background took the main screen. A quiet morning had only a couple of officers still at their desks with more than one of them either engrossed in some kind of paperwork or outright catatonic with their heads tucked in folded arms from a long night of work.

The screen unpaused to show an officer casually navigate through the sea of desks with a simple envelope in hand, walk into the commissioners office and then exit with empty hands. The scene was commonplace and would have been overlooked if the recording had not rewound to the moment he was in the center of the screen, The high-definition cameras easily making out every single feature of the man.

A uniform that was... wrong... In many small details from being too loose to having a patrol cap with the 38th precinct on it, to having a namebadge that was even readable labeled simply Lieutenant.

But the most glaring inconsistencies was what was visible under the uniform. Protruding from the short-sleeved office blouse red and white stripped long sleeves ended in a puffy wrist adornment and blue gloves. While from the collar slightly visible was a strange almost overly exaggerated white collar that ended in points that hung small bells that none of the officers noticed while a short red and blue trimmed waist cape hung untucked from under his blouse to over his trousers and the most definite of all being a strange mask made of almost two different masks semi-obscured by his patrol cap.

It was simple and was a classic tragedian mask with one half-smiling with a comical tear under a grinning eye with a frown on the other side and a drooping gaze.

"How it is THAT simply walked into a precinct and, how it got past Turi undetected?" The Kuz lieutenant demanded with an accusing finger still at the screen for which the JANEs AI holographic form cocked an uncaring gaze at him as if confused that any such thing had occured.

"Especially lookings like that!"

Reluctantly, Andrej let out a sigh when Gary had commented after and agreed. "No it is very not our job. But when a strange flow mans walks into a precinct and leaves things on the desk of our boss and then disappears completely without even being seen to exit the building our boss gets upset. And yes!" Another finger pointed at Takeshi who had linked the SOL and her boss of unknown relations who had been at the precinct the first day it opened.

"For what reason, we do not be knowing. But-" The train of thought was broken by a very timid throat clearing and a diminutive female face poking ever so slightly through the door to look at the team with a growing sense of hesitation.

With a nod and a beckon, a short and rail-thin woman entered in casual street clothing that seemed to hang rather loosely on her. Silently the woman made her way to the front of the room and looked like she would rather be anywhere else.

She was introduced as Lieutnenat Kinsingvera of the former 13th precinct that had burned down; Quite the feat for a building made more of durrandium than of any flammable material and had been presumed dead in the fire. She and many other officers had been ambushed by Jimmy and his band of traitors in his DTR team in the confusion and she alone had been kidnapped and thought dead.

Kinsingvera, One of three of the precincts Special Agents had a plethora of useful and valuable information in her head. And she had been snuck back in more than one of the officers present could recall; Starved, Half naked, And huddled around a dataslate she had been using to interact with the JANE, Turi to control simple systems against her will.

The threat was assumed to have passed with the death of Jimmys crew and his assassination (to which the assassin had never been found) but somehow a second team had slipped by unawares and downloaded a virtual treasure trove of information from the precincts AI. Which clearly had been sold and used already as a clear intruder was unrecognized as a literal blind-spot to the AI and could have caused all kinds of untold damage.

The special agent remained silent the whole time and made eye contact with no one. Her casual clothing, still half-starved look and the subtle shaking of her clenched fists implied the ordeal was still taking its toll and that she had not been re-approved to resume duty.

Andrej continued to explain the whole relevance of it all seemed to all connections that the special agent, In rare moments of clarity when she wasn't blindfolded or drugged could make out clear signs and even more smells unforgettable to those found most commonly in the sewers where these so-called Supervillains had made their lair. A coincidence too close to be unrelated.

With Kingsinvera taking a seat close by and carefully running a reassuring hand through Lilys fur more for her own emotional support than to ease the excitement of the Gunhund Andrej stood expectantly at the team with arms crossed and a single quirked brow.

"So do you all still thinks this is not worth our times?" He asked Hailsey in particular before asking for any final questions. Afterwards dismissing the team to the gear room to collect all the equipment they felt they would need. Reminding them they would likely be spending alot of time in tight, close quarters tunnels, Including haisley in the order that like the last mission she might be required to leave her comfort zone in the mobile-HQ.

The clock read 6:37 Pm.


Gary was about to say something... but shut himself up upon seeing the Lieutenant. Watching her twitch and not say anything to them while Andrej explained the rest of the plan tugged at his heartstrings.

"Right, I'm sorry boss." he stood up and, bowed gently for a moment "I... see why you called us here now, I'll get geared up immediately."

He turned to leave the briefing room, giving everyone a good chance to see now that the left arm of his uniform was tied off just below the shoulder, the remaining cloth where is arm would be lightly swinging as he moves.


Everything Is Magical
"Hey, I'm not the one who designed your security."

Haisely wasn't scared of a superior, she'd been flying solo as long as she could remember and authority had never meant too much to her, she just did what was needed to keep the lights on in whatever den she was hiding in. In this case she did what was asked to earn money, and while she'd never admit it to anyone she did enjoy her current job a fair bit.

"As for worth my time, depends if you expect me to fight or not."

The punk girl glanced in the direction of Gary and snickered, she couldn't believe that he was apologising when there was no reason for it, someone clearly feared getting yelled at. As he left she caught sight of the missing limb, it was weird seeing someone on the force with a missing limb like that, they got decent pay and she was pretty sure there was some sort of medical cover for this kind of thing, especially in the biggest nation of cybernetics ever. Though it did resonate with her, once upon a time she'd also told herself there was no way she'd have tech attached to her, till she went and fucked her hands up and made a tough choice.

When it was over she followed the rest and grabbed the bare essentials along with her special bag of goodies, one of these days she would remember to bring that stealth suit she got once upon a time.


Redshirt on the Wire
Game Master
"Maybe we should we get Haisely to look at Turi." Flannery said, getting up from her hair. "This is the second time our automated system let someone slip through unnoticed. At least they didn't shoot up the place."

Flannery walked out to get geared up Gary, patting him on his right shoulder. "Don't take it too hard. Kuznyetski 's just a little stressed about the matter. Heard the chief's breathing down his neck about this one."


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
With no further questions from herself, Takeshi moved to get geared up - the sharp-featured Cyborg was already wearing a NAM soft ballistics vest beneath her uniform and so favoured slipping into a dark grey chest rig in place of a plate carrier, though for a change the team's quiet half-yammie sniper decided to chat as she prepared her gear, synthetic blue hands carefully threading a suppressor onto the barrel of each gun she'd picked - the 7.7mm frontiersman that had been bought recently and her backup Zen Armaments .357 pistol, things were going to be weird enough in such a tight environment so if she could control her retort and muzzle flash then why not?

"I uh... feel weird to be the one asking this for once but~ everyone is wondering so~" the young officer gulped slightly, moving to slip her sidearm into its thigh-mounter holster before ensuring her crotch-guard was firmly secured, letting out a small breath.

"...why didn't you replace the arm... if you don't mind me asking, I haven't had time to read up on you yet so sorry if it is a touchy subject~" Takeshi finished with an attempt at a small, friendly smile as she began fastening her helmet to her head.
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Gary gave a nod to Flannery as she pat him and walked off, then turned to Takeshi and rubbed the back of his head. Clearly embarrassed he replied "Oh uh... about that." he gave a light chuckle "To be honest? I keep spending my paycheck on other less important things. Though I suppose I also got used not having one as well."

He paused and looked her up and down "Of course, if you have any suggestions I'll take them when I eventually scrounge up enough money."

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master

Less than an hour later through the use of the mobile HQ vehicle the team had been deposited at a large culvert on the outskirts of the precinct. The large rock and metal pipe easily large enough to fit a Maximus through the massive opening that was split by an active waterway that ran refuse, trash, waste, and such debris into a larger Locke before it was whisked away down towards a massive waterfall into a hole so deep into the bowels of the hive city that what little remaining light that could cut through the polluting haze of the setting sun couldn't even reach the bottom.

Around this culvert, a moderately sized tent city had sprung up as communities of those down on their luck, and being a majority mutant huddled around barrel fires, makeshift shanty structures and even deep in the culvert itself lights and music were detected as whatever more permanent structures protected from the acid rain of this mutant community became more intricate as it grew into the sewers.

So ingrained it was that when the HQ had arrived more than a few guards if they could have been called such ushered many of the shantytown into the culvert proper and cut the brake lines of positioned and totaled vehicles to roll down over the path as makeshift cover to hide behind. A dozen such guards each sporting a laughable uniform of dirty yellow rain ponchos donating them as some kind of organized force be it mercenary or just uniformed guards stood ready and weary to protect their home from what was a possible NPF raid to scatter undesirable mutants too mutated to find work or contribute to society. Or unwilling...

The tension eased a modicum when the team, however, instead started towards the massive hole large enough to drop an entire building into without touching its walls and began setting up repelling equipment to scale to the depths of the cities bowels.

Mobile HQ- Haisley

The Mobile HQ was a literal tank combined with a massive truck of some kind for lack of a better description. Big and bulky with various drone and equipment bays the obstere exterior was not matched by its interior. Inside, Haisleys domain was a massive wall of screens and terminals relaying data and video feeds with statistical information that could be called from the entire precinct via the 13th precincts JANE, Turi.

Interior weapons/equipment lockers and benches filled the other side of the headquarters the team had deployed from leaving her relatively alone but only in spirit. Even as the team repealed into a sewer she knew she wanted no part being near from the slight taste of it in the recycled air being cycled from outside as she watched the feeds from their HRRT suits and what little remained of them visibly from the exterior cameras before they each went over the edge. Nearby a screen was cycled by Turi to show an estimated map of the sewer complex from its most recent mapping and the estimated location of the so-called supervillians through AI mapping of the rooms and tunnels visable from the video matching to locations on the census map.

The team would have to track through almost miles of sewers and could easily get lost if not for her guidance. Lily, the gunhund, whimpered quietly at her feet. The Gunhund easily able to accompany with the team but left behind with Haisley as protection as if the massive armored vehicle and its own defenses where inadequate.

Sewers- Everyone else~

The bottom of the pit was hundreds of feet down. So deep not even the light from above reached it as the last member of the DTR team touched the bottom. A series of red flares spread out in all directions illuminating several tunnels in bright pink in their HRRT suits built-in night vision.

Nearby, water pooled in an even deeper pit surrounded by a corrugated metal lip the team was lucky enough to have landed on as dozens of freespacer junker robots picked debris out of the disgusting wastewater and sorted it into towering piles based on unknown factors and parameters.

There was even a pile of animal corpses with more than a few humanoid-like limbs jutting out from under long-dead strays and surprisingly even a full-grown cow of some kind half rotting near the bottom that seemed to twitch as various scavengers ate out its innards.

With a simple command from Haisley the team was able to set off down one of the tunnels that looked now different from its fellows; The junkers not daning to look from their tasks as the team passed them by. The path they took was a mixture of concrete with the occasional corrugated plate section and lined with various grime-covered pipes at head height causing each team member to hunch ever so slightly in their trek but was none the less wide enough for four men to walk abreast. Every now and then locked bulkheads protruded from the sides with ancient and unknown purposes scribed on their surfaces in old printed code almost too faded to read. If prompted the information was available to Haisley to send but was none the less uninteresting in the form of service ways and electrical and gas tunnels with even the odd classified bunkers leftover from the days of the Nepleslian Star Empire that housed unknown and almost forgot purposes for the cities military uses in the case of invasion or orbital bombardment.

Continuing on for what felt like an eternity, Adrej finally called the team to a halt as a bright light flashed up ahead at a T-junction a dozen meters down the tunnel. Through the deep and expansive echo of the tunnels wet, slapping, footsteps could be heard from several individuals that eventually crossed their path.

Three men, Each one sporting a large light torch on their helmets crossed past the team to stop at the junction directly in front of them. Each one wore a teal and purple bodysuit of various materials and fabrics with knee-high purple boots that each man's blue trousers tucked into under a large purple armored vest. A simple surplus combat helmet painted the same color dawned each head with forward-facing lights following which direction the man would look in while they each sported an old black gas mask with a long accordion-like tube that attached to a rebreather connected to their armors.

Each of the three also carried along, twisted looking weapon that held a small tank of some kind at its base and ended in a series of donut-like rings and spikes that they casually waved around as they conversed during their brief pause at the junction.

"You think 'll show?" one guard shouted a muffle through his mask that was almost half-drowned out by the ambient dripping fluids and bangs of pipes as the metals flexed from an oppressive and sweltering humidity. "Bosses went through all the trouble to stir up the cops after all."

Another answered, Even looking down the very tunnel the team resided in but even with the high powered lights of his helmet the darkness and ambient haze of the tunnel just reflected the light in all directions and was swallowed hole no more than a few meters deep.

The third man didn't answer at first but instead adjusted his mask and clear his throat of a particularly large glob of mucus in his throat, His voice slightly more clear before the mask was adjusted back to cause a muffle.

"Cop's'll just send some beats to come clear up the muties and say 'job well done' ain't gotta worry about them. Its the other guy getting wind is what the boss's want I thinks."

The team had gone unnoticed thus far and the patrol even seemed to be getting ready to continue moving. Though if they would continue on or take the same tunnel as the team there was no indication but still left a brief moment to act should it be required on the teams part...


Everything Is Magical
Haisely reached down to pet the large dog at her feet briefly before allowing herself a cliche knuckle crack and setting to work on her station. This mission should be interesting if nothing else, and she actually gets to sit pretty in her MOC, though apparently it wasn't hers, that would change in time anyway. With the map popping up to her side she skimmed it quickly and tossed it onto her central larger monitor, overlaying the location of the team onto it as well based on their tracked video feeds.

"Since tracking underground is a little sketchy even with this equipment try not to sprint through the tunnels, I'm using your video feeds to map as you go, if I lose the tracking signals it's your only hope getting out before the next Lewis Pasco day." She sighed though their comms while setting up all the outside monitors with video feeds, keeping a couple at the bottom reserved for the cameras on the MOC incase anyone tried attacking her. "And if they do, you'll be able to help me set them straight won't you big guy." The girl mused to herself with a rare smile giving the dog another pat.

"Try not to damage or dirty your guns either, I'm not bringing you replacements in that shithole."


Gary pulled his head back from around the corner, putting a hand up to his communicator he replied quietly "I'll try, but can you do any sort of scan from up there? It seems they were expecting us." he gave a glance to the team, then continued in a hushed tone "What's the plan?"

His hand instinctively reached for a pouch on his hip, opening the flap and grabbing something inside as he tensed up.


Redshirt on the Wire
Game Master
Flannery kept silent as the team waited in the sewers. She had been in these types of locale before doing almost the same exact thing and knew just how deadly things would get should they pop off.

"We should hold off on firing and tail them. A shot down here is going to echo and alert everyone for miles." She glanced around the piles of garbage and debris that the civilized world loved to bury in these tunnels. "And we should move carefully, who knows how many boobytraps that got strung up down here if they're expecting company."

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Sewers- Flannery, Gary, Katya?!?!?!?, Takeshi, Anrej.

The teams decision to wait out the roaming patrol paid off shortly after the three men had arrived they had moved on. For a brief and tense moment one of the men had actually started towards the team before he noticed the two other men starting along the other direction in the T-junction and quickly beat pace after them with wet slaps of his boots until the three men were just distant lights trailing ever further ahead.

Following them, However was a slow and tedious affair that took up almost an hour as what seemed like after reaching every single corner or turn the patrol would stop and gossip about the goings-on on their current assignment or rumors about their mysterious bosses.

Such information was easy to make out with the advanced filters of the HRRT suits and a quick profile was easily being formed with the help of Haisley above and the linked JANE of the precinct, Turi. Such as how there was at least seven other patrols other than their own, which was made apparent when they would occasionally cross with another patrol and chat for some time before going their separate ways.

By the time the patrol had broken with another enough information had been assembled from routine, vocal patterns, and small bits of information that the identities of two of the men (with the third being so soft-spoken or outright quiet that little could be obtained) could be called upon and scrolled past on a small corner of each team members HUD denoting their shared and rather unimpressive history as two of Nepleslias numerous mercenary groups and a string of minor crimes both sentenced or as of yet still wanted for.

What was interesting however as the team finally turned a corner and saw the three men entering an area with actual lighting ahead in some kind of larger opening or thoroughfare was that the mercenary cohort the two men belonged to was currently contracted to one of Roger Wilcos more lucrative corporations; The Lunderwerst Subsidiary group. A large mega-corporation of what many would consider loan sharks that covered the money lending programs for most of the city that most average citizens borrowed from to their future dismay that usually ended with the forfeiture of anything from their organs to their personal property when drastic interest increases made even the smallest and seemingly easy loans skyrocket in short term.

With the three men entering the largely lit room the team was able to pause before there was any chance of discovery and get their bearings. The room was two levels, with the entryway on the second floor being made of catwalks of corrugated metal and duct-work railings that was covered in carrying degrees of cables and debris that for most of the second floor was blocked from view from the first and was largely still in the dark and continued on into various other tunnels.

The first floor bellow however was another interconnecting waterway junction with a heavy current as six different tunnels connected streams into a larger seventh tunnel. Off to the side and above the stream, however, was large enough with enough room that a semi fathering area had erected as more of the mercenaries seemed to mingle on dirty seats around tables of various activities while the heat from a nearby barrel fire was being used to dry the unknown damp from various pieces of hung gear.

The three men the team had been following had gone down a ladder to this first floor and broke off into the group of other mercs that with them included now numbered twelve. Even with the clearly ramshackle lighting and barrel fire the area was anything other than well lit and many of the mercs still relied on their own personal lights to keep their areas illuminated.

Several options opened up for the team in regards to continuing to shadow, overserve the mercenaries for information, attack, continue on, or take other options. Regardless of their choices they had yet to be discovered giving them time to act but would likely not last forever as counting the twelve men bellow, with seven known patrols there was at least six men unaccounted for if each patrol was three men in size and could appear or be anywhere...


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
"Ublyudok," Takeshi huffed into her helmet as the marksman barely peeked over a pile of... something that was grey, sludgy and at one point probably walking around before it was dissolved by various chemicals run-off from facilities above ground, the sharpshooter keeping her rifle held pretty close to her chest to keep it out of the muck but despite her best efforts she knew it'd need to be scrubbed for a few hours once they were done here - she backtracked a few steps and span slowly on her heels to better face the others, helmeted face obscured by shadows as her accented words quietly filtered through the suit's radio.

"If the high road weren't so rickety I'd say we take that but it... well even if elevated it's exposed and who knows how stable it is," she weighed in, adopting more of a standard Kuznyetski squat, feet flat to the ground with her fancy rifle resting on her knees as the half-yammie continued.

"Don't think we should stay here too long though, some patrol we are unaware of could loop around through an unmarked maintenance shaft and flank us - any other ideas?" Takeshi finished, her face was completely hidden but the others could still see an awkward, lop-sided smirk of anxiety behind it.


Gary scratched his chin, then whispered "You know, if push comes to shove we could collapse that platform onto them... though that might be a little too hard to pull off, we would have to set the charges without getting caught."

After some silence he added "Or we could just eavesdrop for as long as possible, who knows what we'll hear."


Active Member

Katya adjusted her HRRT helmet as she continued to walk. Sure, the advanced filters on her suit were working great at filtering the terrible smells, and her suit would never leak unless it was beaten or shot up, along with the fact that she wouldn't have put them on wrong, but she couldn't help but imagine the foul stenches from the sewer as she kept on walking. After all, she has never really made habit of walking in the sewers, let along with other members. Feeling like a rat would jump into her mouth if she ever opened it, even though she had a helmet on, Katya decided to just keep quiet as she adjusted her hands as they held her shortened shotgun, with a sling wrapped around her neck for a quick draw, in case the situation comes to ever need of one.

While her helmet visors were doing a pretty good job at blocking others from noticing where her eyes were rolling around, Katya's eyes were rolling all around like crazy behind the visor. Her equipment would never be defeated by sewer rats, of course, but waiting inside the sewers was already enough to frighten poor Katya, and that was not even counting the gigantic rats around the sewers crawling around on their own business. Trying to keep herself from freaking out, Katya finally decided to actually join in the conversation with other fellow officers as she raised one of her free hand to her helmet, before pressing the comm button.

"Hey, how long were we supposed to be in here?"


Everything Is Magical
Above Ground in the Comfort Mobile

While it wasn't exactly part of her job Haisely made an effort to somewhat monitor each member of the team while they were on a mission, "just out of habit from micromanaging her programs and other tech gooks" is what she always used as reasoning and her usual attitude backed it up pretty well though she did also understand the importance of keeping a level head or having someone else tell you that the ghosts you might see were indeed real. Mostly because she'd never had anyone to do that for her through most of her life, but she'd come out stronger through her sheer-fucking-will to survive and continue being a thorn in someone's side.

Over a direct link to Katya's comms the hacker spoke with her usual tone though a bit slower and quieter. "I noticed your breathing fast, and a little shakey. You doing ok down there?"