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Approved Character [17TH STRATEGIC BOMBER GROUP "DRAGONS"] Leventé Barná


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Awesome to see your interest in the 17th, overall a great character. I fixed a bit at the top as the exchange title can be placed in the occupation (my fair opinion) rather than the placement. So far I know of Nep they do tend to value their family, place some social contacts, who is his father, mother and does he got brothers or sisters? Small details, @Charmaylarg Dufrain could you look at the Nep side of this character, I got a feeling that I am overlooking something.


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This thread was posted in the approved characters forum. This forum needs approval to have posts in it in the same way that new players have needed their posts approved to avoid spam bots. I thought that I was doing a first post approval for this player, not an approved character subforum thread. If that makes sense, good. If it doesn't then know I made a small mistake and it is corrected. Please proceed.