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Resolved 18+ Access.


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Can I have the permissions added to my profile to see the 18+ areas? There are some plots I am interested in that fall under this category.
I was born in 1990. <3


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Alright, you have permissions. Welcome back and I hope you enjoy yourself quite a bit while roleplaying here!

By the way, your old account could have its username changed by requesting it in one of these threads very easily.


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Good day,

My attention has been diverted towards the 18+ area, which seems I require permission to have a looksie in.

I am from 1988 :) thanks in advance!



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I am curious about the wondrous things hidden in the 18+ section so I would like to request access. I was born born in 1993.


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Your avatar is Ikari sprinkling his wife's recovered genes in the tank that will become Rei, imo.

It's done, 'grats!
Trying to read up on some things, including the JP that @HarperMadi and I worked on, and I keep getting insuffecient priveledges errors. I'd appreciate it if I can gain that access for ease of use.

The KrimsonWulf

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I noticed, while trying to read into the plot I'm attempting to join, it states I do not have permission to view. May I receive such permission by admins?


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Hello, its me again

I've just joined @Charmaylarg Dufrain plot Die Screaming in Nepleslia which is within the 18 scary zone so if @Wes or @Ametheliana *or any other staff who actually have the power* could allow me to see that particular subforum its in i would be very appreciative

(i dont actually know which staff have what power on the site these days because there's so many weird titles compared to when i joined)


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Thanks though it looks like I’ve ended up seeing the whole thing, is there any way i can just have that plots subforum like i did with crimefest?


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They don't use a subforum.