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1ST Annual War Relief Charity Auction


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Game Master
RP Date
Early YE 41
RP Location
Kyoto, Yamatai
Chiharu Memorial Symphony Hall

The hall was filled with gossiping people from all walks of life, a rare chance for people of all nations to mingle and rub elbows, to become close so as to foster ties between the nations and organizations that ran within them. Waiters dressed in sharp tuxedo outfits walked about with trays on their hands and offered various finger goods and drinks. They were unobtrusive, just as the tables where larger arrays of refreshments were laid out. Throughout the hall the people gathered were dressed in some of their finest clothing, whether that be volumetrically placed, rented or owned. The hall itself had various tables about with placards for reserved tables, a beautiful bowl with a few small fish that flitted about as a center piece. The tables and chairs were covered with white cloths covered in various designs to instill beauty and splendor, something the entirety of the event fought to push to the forefront. From the walls and rafters hung the various charities that the event was sponsored by, and where the money would go. Within the room, the centerpiece of the event was a stage where a man at a podium stood.

Beside the man was another man who smiled and waved as his name was called. Throughout the room various small placards with numbers on them went up when a bid was made, numbers called out as people took turns with their bids. After a few moments of bids, the man walked off the stage toward the woman that had won the bid with a small smile to start a bit of small talk. The next that arrived to the stage was one of another nation, away from Yamatai, and not so much a nation but a corporation. The man at the podium cleared his throat as he readied to speak.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I appreciate the wait for the next of the auctions to take place. Our next participant is a member of Origin Industries, a Mecha Pilot from their group that has begun to help protect the borders of our worlds from any and all threats that may come. I welcome now to the stage, Charles Alistair! Starting bids will begin at 100 KS and go from there. Bids will begin now."

While the bids went on, many still went about their conversations, those interested bidding and others ignoring to instead take part in the side conversations.


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FM of Nepleslia
FM of the Iromakuanhe
Game Master
Happy to start the bidding and happy to be here, Koga Akemi raised a paddle made of a glinting gold and chrome that he had made for this event and spoke aloud.

"150 KS." After he spoke, he looked to the woman next to him and said something quietly into her ear while pulling a meat wrapped crustacean from his plate with a fork to eat it after his whispers to the other auction house ogo-er were finished.