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OOC 1st Assualt fleet: Battlegroup Havoc


The Gunman
So I have officially decided to put my GM hat back on for a little plot. I plan on starting small with a max of 5-6 people.

Battlegroup Havoc will be a Nepleslian Space Navy plot where the player will get to create a ship captain and run their own starship. Starting with smaller ships like Corvettes, Destroyers, and light cruisers. As the battlegroup becomes more proficient the Captians will be able to transfer to larger ships like carriers and battleships.

If people like a ship they are on they will slowly be able to work upgrades into their ships.

I imagine the plot playing out like missions from Battlefllet Gothic or Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.

Well, do I have any takers?

@Charmaylarg Dufrain


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I'm so in. This sounds amazing! Battlefleet Gothic is one of my favorite games so an RP similar to that is right up my alley. I will start work on a new character tomorrow and should have it finished by Monday at the latest.


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I'd love to participate in this. Commanding a ship is even better than a starfighter. :) Plus it would be a good excuse to familiarize myself more with Nepleslian craft/tech.


The Gunman
Eh well that was easier than making a whole new thread...

Now let's go ahead and get things started.

I want everyone to go ahead and choose a ship from this list.


Bastard Class Light Cruiser (Aether powered LSDF/NAM hybrid ship)
Na-C4-DD5 'Bison'
Carnivore Class Cruiser

Destroyers Frigates, Corvettes and Escorts

Na-S3-1a Jackdaw-Class Heavy Corvette
Na-D2-1b Atlas-Class Destroyer
Cobra Gunship
Longsword Class Frigate
Warhawk Class Frigate
Hray Stealth Gunship

Once you make your selection, post the ship class, ship name, and name of your captain. I dont need a completed character, just the name is fine for right now.

I'll use mine as an example

Ship type: Specter Class Stealth Carrier
Ship name: NSS Phantom
Ship CO: Rear Admiral Cole Greyson

Your turn!
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Haha, well I looked through all the ships and decided to start small and the Longsword seemed to be just about right. I'm excited about using it. Now I've got to learn everything there is to know about it. :)


The Gunman

Small GM post for the peeps