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  • It's 3月 YE 43 for May and June. IC months advance every 2 OOC months.

OOC 1st Assualt fleet: Battlegroup Havoc

I am not sure where should I describe the ship. According to the RP it is a destroyer. Usually destroyers have radar capabilities. They could increase their radar range but then you would run in a lot of false positives so basically when you increase range, then it will not detect smaller opponents. Destroyers also pack a lot of fire power, from, to electronic warfare and long range missiles they are specialized killing machines. Some destroyers also carry anti/submarine helicopters. These helicopters are usually patrolling and have some anti submarine measures (see the shuttles I described).

Not sure what else remains to be said. We can factor some simulation details, but I a not interested in such things. I will go with the flow of RP as it unveils.