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Suggestion 2021 Review of all CCGs


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Recently, one of my good real-life friends joined us here at SARP. She's a very independent and outspoken individual (-cough- @KoreHytaria ). Anyway in her process of considering and putting character ideas, she's come to me with the fact many of the Character Creation Guides seem out of date or unclear. In the spirit of addressing her feedback, I'd like to suggest that 2021 be a year that we sit down review the CCGs, deploy some new ideas, and refresh the information in these guides. These are the first thing our new players use, they really should be the most polished and easy to read articles on the site.

Maybe this is a good time for all of us to come together and think of a standard make-up and easy to use format for these.


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100% agree. We should be doing this with occupation articles, the new players guide, Creating a Character, and other key "first face of the site" type articles as well.