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Year-End Festival 2nd Annual SARP for Toys for Tots!

Let's make this a tradition! Last year we donated $400 to Toys For Tots to give kids the joy of getting a gift for the holidays.

Once again I am going to donate to Toys for Tots charity this year on behalf of Star Army.

Last night after midnight the post count was 372,328. For every forum post then until 11:59pm EDT on November 30, I will donate $0.25 up to $250 or 1000 posts. Try to make them RP posts!

Current messages: 372,671
Posts this month so far: 343
Money for Toys for Tots so far: $85.75

Keep the RP posts coming!
Alright, let's see how well we did!

Current post count is 372,834. So it looks like we made 506 posts, raising $126.50 for Toys for Tots! I will donate it today after work.