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RP: NSS Inquiry A New Arrival


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NSS Inquiry

Adam Edison was yet again in chains. His short stint in service of the Free State was short but impactful. He sat silently in the shuttle as it headed to and landed on the NSS Inquiry. He was a little used to the procedures now. In the past he would be spitting venom or struggling but these days he was a bit more compliant.

He shuffled off the shuttle alongside his stone faced escorts. They moved quickly through the corridors directly for the Med bay. He never made eye contact with those he passed. He hated the looks he received, like he was some caged animal at a zoo, which is fairly accurate.

He was uncuffed for his examination which showed he was in perfect health if not a bit malnourished. He took the examination with more silence, answering only when questioned. He knew the next part was the real part of the process, his next CO. He had been lucky previously with Commandant Black. That man actually cared about his soldiers though he would punch you in the face before admitting it. Adam had seen plenty of CO's that didn't care as much and so he waited.

Cadence Newborn walked steadily through the halls of the Inquiry until she came to the med bay, outside of which the doctor that had just examined Adam stood, waiting and working while he did so. They both saluted, then Cadence stood at ease as the doctor took up his datapad and started looking through Adam's file once more.

"How is he?" Cadence asked.

"As you'd expect, though a little underweight. Nothing a few trips to the mess hall won't fix," the doctor replied.

"Thank you, doctor. You have been of help," Cadence said, then she walked through the door to the med bay and approached Adam, waiting for a salute, a hello, an anything.

Adam turned his head and looked at Cadence with a look of both loathing and steel. He did however know his place, he stood straight and saluted Cadence. "Sir, Private First Class Adam Edison reporting , sir," Adam said steadily.

Cadence brought her hand up to her forehead swiftly and saluted back to Adam and said, "At ease, Private. Do you know what kind of mission profile we just went on while you were getting towed around in shackles, Private?" Cadence's blue cybernetic eyes squinted at Adam and she spoke before he could respond. "It wasn't an easy one. The next one will be just as hard. And the one after that. This squad and this ship isn't about having easy missons. This squad and this ship goes through shit. I want to know if you'll be able to go through fuck all and hell to make sure the Imperium survives. Even if we don't."

Adam regarded the woman, almost gave her a full up and down before answering, "Sir, I was born in the shit. I don't know if you have read my file but I ain't doing time for picking flowers in a restricted garden.

"You can trust me when I say that I will do anything and everything to ensure Nepleslia's success. Anger and aggression are tools against our enemies and I have a full box."

"I understand that, you've had a full and..." she searched for words and found that, "fucked up life. But I promise you won't be feeling like you're missing an oulet for your anger and aggression, Private Edison. Now. Would you like to see your quarters?" She gestured to half of the guards to follow her after waiting for Adam to stand.

Adam nodded, Cadence easily saw that his scowl was less of an expression and more of his face just naturally rested. He glanced at the guards almost forgetting they were even there.

"Yo, you can let the personality squad go. I ain't running. Either way, let's go," He said as he walked after her.

Cadence spoke out, "You guys can let him be free of the chains and bonds then go."

They did so after a "Yes, Sir!" Working quickly, they were soon gone.

"Let's go," Cadence said. She walked with him and asked, "What sort of mission profile are you looking to be a part of, Private?"

"I'm the most used to being a point man on breach and board maneuvers," Adam said still looking ahead. "Really though I adapt real well to most situations. I have a stronger grasp of Urban and guerilla fighting than forests." He rattled this off as if he were repeating a resume. Realizing such he scoffed.

"I sound like a damn parrot. Black was particular in how we lost our skills when on loan. Sorry, Commandant Black."

"I see, I see. Well we'll be working out of your wheelhouse in our next mission. Prepare with the team and you'll do fine, though," Cadence told him.

He shrugged in acceptance. "What gear are we slinging? Those guards probably left my chest in the hangar knowing them. I brought my usual arms but if we are deviating I would like to request time in the machine shop to tweak whatever beauties you assign me."

"We need to test which power armor we'll be using if any in training sims. Until we know that, I can't tell you. A modified armor is likely what we're looking at. Last time we were up against an enemy in PA themselves. Best to match them and be toe to toe," Cadence said.

"Power armor then," Adam frowned slightly. "No prob, I will wait and see. Either way, just point me in the direction and tell me who to kill." He said the last part with certainty as if there wasn't a possibility otherwise.

Cadence chuckled a moment, then said, "Well, this is your cabin. Anything you need from me?"

Adam was about to commit military suicide but bit his tongue. He chuckled though it was meant more for himself than Cadence. He thought about what he would have said in the past and was a little proud he stopped himself.

"No sir, just a hot shower, a hot meal and a rack to finally get some peaceful sleep without having to wonder if I will get stabbed or worse in my sleep."

Cadence nodded and saluted, then turned, leaving him.